Azerbaijan massively deploys its troops to the border with Armenia

Hundreds of units of Azerbaijani military equipment were seen moving towards the Armenian border.

Against the backdrop of a new escalation of tension in Karabakh, in addition to the existing military equipment, Azerbaijan sent several hundred more units of army trucks, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and other weapons and equipment to the border with Armenia. A similar situation was observed at the end of July, just a few days before Azerbaijan went on the offensive in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, occupying several key heights.

The corresponding video footage of the transfer of Azerbaijani military equipment to the border with Armenia and Karabakh was published by Azerbaijani citizens who noticed huge columns of military equipment. Judging by the video footage, army trucks form the basis of military equipment, however, it is noteworthy that flights of unmanned aerial vehicles were also recorded in the sky over the region.

Baku does not officially comment on the transfer of military equipment to the border with Armenia, however, a little earlier Azerbaijan delivered an ultimatum, demanding to immediately remove the Armenian army from the region and demilitarize the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh.

How serious the situation in the region is at the moment is not specified.