Azerbaijan launched a powerful assault on the city of Shushi in Nagorno-Karabakh

The assault on Shushi has become a reality for the citizens of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The Azerbaijani military began a powerful military operation to storm the city of Shushi, located in the central part of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Information on this matter was confirmed by the President of the NKR Arayik Harutyunyan.

According to the president of the unrecognized state, at the moment the forces of Azerbaijan are located less than five kilometers from Shushi, while, according to journalists, the city is actively fired upon by artillery, and a large number of armored vehicles have been deployed in this direction.

“Today, at this decisive historical moment, when the Turkish-Azerbaijani and terrorist gangs attacked Artsakh with all their military means with the aim of exterminating or expelling the Artsakh Armenians who have lived in their homeland for thousands of years, we are fighting to the death in all unequal conditions,” said the President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan in his address to the people. “Now they threaten our homeland and existence not only along the entire front line, but also invest serious military resources in the direction of Shushi, trying at any cost to seize the proud Armenian fortress city. Shushi is not just a city, it is a symbol of the determination of the Armenian people to live in their cradle, a symbol of the victories of the Armenian people. Shushi is the beating heart of all Armenians. As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Artsakh, I once again call on you to unite and protect our Shushi, our Artsakh, our national dignity, "Arayik Harutyunyan stated.", - about it сообщает information publication “”.

Taking into account the data on the beginning of the assault on Shushi, experts express the opinion that this city can be taken under the control of the Azerbaijani military within 48-72 hours, especially since there is no proper resistance in this direction at the moment.

Firstly, Aratyunyan is already either seriously wounded, or killed, or already in Moscow. Secondly, the NKR does not exist, there is Azerbaijan which, following the UN declaration of 1993, frees its territories from the illegal seizure of its lands

And how did the Russians shed blood for the Armenians? And why did the Armenians first jumped out of the USSR and attacked Zerbijan by force. We had to wait and negotiate. How many people from all nations died is not worth it.

Tatiana, from 1988 to 1993 Russia helped the Armenians. And they committed the genocide of Khojaly. Then, for some reason, they talked about Russian and French mercenaries in the side of the Armenians who together committed genocide. Not to mention 1905-1910, when the Armenian-Russian military forces committed genocide throughout Azerbaijan, killing about 1 million Azerbaijanis. from 1988 to 1993 the Armenian forces were in superiority, the Armenians had all modern weapons of Russian origin, and the Azerbaijanis fought with rifles and then took them away from the population. What are you talking about?! have a conscience ...

Thank you ... I haven't laughed like that for a long time ... I'm sure that the village Californians were also Armenians ...

The USSR is to blame for everything. Everywhere the nose of Souvala He made all nations enemies, and Tamerlane is also to blame

You also forgot to mention the heroes of the "avenger" with Thor, and also Batman. They are also there. The Armenians were out of luck.

centuries))), study the question? 2-3 centuries at best, not centuries. And not Azerbaijani, then there were no Azerbaijanis yet, but Turkic. The Caucasian Tatars, as they were called in the historiography of RI, who later became Azerbaijanis, were the fruit of the complex ethnogenesis of the Turks and peoples living in the Transcaucasus

You forgot: the Marsians too.

This Azirbiyjan land. Armenians, Russian is not your winter. Azirbijan turkey brothers. We love turkey. Russian if we wake up pamagat, we wake up harasho piss about you

Correctly. The Armenians asked Griboyedov, taking an oath of loyalty to the Russian Tsar. And he persuaded the king to populate the occupied lands with Armenians instead of the Cossacks. But then he regretted it and wrote a letter to the king, after which the grateful Armenians chopped off his head and blamed everything on the Persians.

Correctly, and Iran was ruled by Azerbaijani dynasties for centuries, until the Persians were planted there

The Russian Empire was destroyed by the February bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1917.The USSR appeared in 1922, the Russian Federation paid off the debts of tsarist Russia - continuity can be traced. So the legal successor. And the movement of boundaries is the breath of History. Take it easy.

This is why the newly formed countries that have not resolved border disputes are worthy of international laws, while the old countries with large diasporas in neighboring illegally proclaimed countries do not have these rights without the decisions of international commissions on the delimitation of territories.

Victor, the Armenians have been a tribe for more than 3000 years. It is a developed civilization with its own script and culture. And there it was even before the Slavic TRIBES, the roots were collected and ran across the steppes. So don't say that. And this territory is at least 2000 years old as Armenian. Let me remind you that the Ottoman Empire existed from 1299 to 1923, while Armenia existed before our era.


Now, if Azerbaijan attacks the territory of Armenia, the CSTO, specifically the valiant Belarus and Kazakhstan, intervene and protect Armenia. In the meantime, contact Soros, citizens of the Armenians.

The USSR is not a successor to the Russian Empire. The USSR destroyed the Russian Empire! Russia has nothing to do with Nagorno-Karabakh!
Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as 7 regions of Azerbaijan, according to all international standards, belong to Azerbaijan, but are occupied by Armenia. Moreover, the territory of 7 regions of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia is much larger than the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh!

So Russia will defend its interests if there is an invasion of the territory of Armenia. And Karabakh is not at all interesting to Russia. After the loss of Karabakh, Armenia will not cease to exist and will not go anywhere. Your kind require intervention for only one purpose, to clash Russia with Turkey on the order of Sorros.

The Russian Empire fought with the Turkic State of the Qajars. There has been no Persia since the time of the Sassanids. And Iran appeared only in 1935 with the coming to power in 1925 after the overthrow of the Qajars of the first Persian after the Sassanids.

So after all, Azerbaijan did not exist until 1922. This was the territory of Persia, which was claimed by the Ottoman Empire, and there lived multinational tribes, including the Armenians.

Azerbaijan powerfully failed the offensive on Shushi!

There have never been Armenians on the territory of Transcaucasia; they were resettled after the war with Percius, Tsarist Russia after 1828. There has never been any Artsakh or the like on the territory of Azerbaijan, this is the sick imagination of the Armenians.

Shusha was Azerbaijani throughout history and Azerbaijanis lived there ... The Armenians took advantage of the collapse of the USSR and seized the land ...

Since 1805 this land belonged to the Russian Empire, and then was part of the USSR, which in fact was the legal successor of the Russian Empire, and since 1991. the legal successor of the USSR is the Russian Federation. Consequently, the legal owner of Karabakh is Russia.

We must call a spade a spade: in fact, Turkey started a war against the Russian Federation in a strategically important region for us. It began with the hands of Azerbaijan and Arab terrorists, while in Russia they pretend that they do not understand this.
Some nomenklatura leaders of the Armenian diaspora in Moscow, who suddenly - "by the right of the Armenians" - "ran into" Pashinyan, claiming that since Nikol Vovaevich cheated on Russia with Soros, does not want to recognize Crimea, etc. , then Russia, they say, should not interfere in the current military conflict in Karabakh (if I didn’t know that behind such a position lies the banal stupidity and greed of a certain part of the Russian elite, I would accuse them of complicity with the British special services).
Meanwhile, Russia should not protect Pashinyan or the current Armenian leadership in the named region. And even the protection of its ally - Armenia as such is not in the first place here. Russia must protect, first of all, its national interests.
And if the Russian Federation protects its interests at the distant approaches to the Russian borders, for example, in Syria, then why should we not protect them at the close approaches - in the same Karabakh. Moreover, here, too, there is participation in hostilities against the local population of well-known terrorist gangs.
The threat is Turkey, which, in turn, has become an instrument of the Russophobic policy of the globalists. That is why, as soon as the Russian Federation received reliable information about the participation of mercenaries from Syria in the Karabakh events, Russia was obliged to use this fact as an excuse to intensify its actions in the region and to nominate a number of servicemen (of course, with the authority of peacekeepers) from the 102nd military base in Gyumri towards the Iranian border in the Jebrail region

Well, apparently, in the same place as the capture of Karabakh promised by Aliyev in 5 days.

What kind of specialists? They cannot see Shushi as their own ears.

Yes, both started and finished. The media have already reported. You can't just take that city.

Do not shushi but Shusha. These Armenians always change all names.

justice triumphed! the Armenians did not want to peacefully return neither the 7 regions of Azerbaijan, nor Karabakh, they had to go to war. After all, the Azeris waited for a peaceful solution for about 30 years.

Shusha is a holy city for Azerbaijanis, so that it does not happen, they will liberate Shusha.

They thought the Russians would fight for them. And then such a bummer.

This is the territory of Azerbaijan.

Rather, Russia will become part of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia!

Judging by the information, both began and ended with several hundred corpses of Turks ... Aliyev missed his chance in the first days, now he is stuck

Don't you think that cynicism is not appropriate here? Do you think that the warriors of N.K. are fighting in an equal fight, when on the other side the Turkish, Syrian and perhaps the Palistins will join, not to mention the technical side.

The holy elders predicted that after this war, Turkey will begin to baptize into Orthodoxy. This is the prophecy of the elders, do not care about the "masters" who kill children. I hope the prophecy of the saints will come true.

Maybe it's enough to lie at least to yourself? Armenians have always lived on the borders between the empires, first the Roman and Persian, and then the Ottoman and Persian. The area of ​​their settlement moved along with the borders. For as a people-limitrophe they have always been in demand by the authorities of empires in smuggling and illegal financial transactions. Shah Abbas INVITED them to move to the largest Persian cities, granting them unprecedented privileges up to the extraterritoriality of their settlements, and not because they were "skilled in crafts", but because they were the only people of the Book who did not disdain GROWTH-A DREAMING DEATH SIN, K REGRETTED THE SEFEVIS NECESSARY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRADE IN THE WAR-RIPPED SEFEVIS.

Gentlemen, who would not say ah, we lived there 5000 years ago, Karabakh is an internationally recognized integral part of Azerbaijan, period.

No matter how the fate of Nagorno-Karabakh develops, the fate of Transcaucasia cannot be resolved without Iran, Russia and Turkey. The boundaries will be determined by them. The inclusion of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in the composition of these three powers in the region is quite permissible.

Let the heart of Karabakh return to its rightful owner. Karabakh Azerbaijan.

And in 1601-1603 Shah Abbas resettled 250 thousand Armenians from these territories to Persia, in particular to Shiraz and Isfahan, so we returned.

Thank God, well done Azerbaijan

And where is the Armenian counteroffensive promised by Pashinyan ... great and powerful, all crushing?

not for millennia, but resettled them by Nicholas 1 in 1830-35 from Persia

Good news. But they could have left on their own, without losing manpower.