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Azerbaijan began transferring its troops to the territory of Armenia

Azerbaijan began a rapid transfer of its troops to the territory of Armenia.

A video appeared on the Web, which captured the moment of the transfer of Azerbaijani military personnel, army equipment and weapons to the territory of neighboring Armenia. It is alleged that we are talking about one of the highways located on the territory of Armenia. Experts suggest that this fact indicates an early escalation of tensions between Baku and Yerevan.

The video footage shows how Azerbaijan is deploying several military trucks, light armored vehicles and several artillery pieces to the territory of Armenia. It is known that the video was made on the territory of the Syunik region of Armenia. At the same time, the current location of the Azerbaijani forces remains unknown. Taking into account the previously published information, today there are more than a thousand Azerbaijani servicemen, various weapons and military equipment on the territory of Armenia.

Apparently, Azerbaijan plans to cut off the Syunik region from the main territory of Armenia in order to ensure direct communication with Nakhichevan, although at the same time official Baku denies any escalation on the border with Armenia.

The news is about nothing. It is not clear where the video came from, who was filming and from what territory. How do you know that the Azerbaijanis are not going on their own road?) And the Armenians should understand that it is impossible to lie down alternately under Russia or under the West. We should have already decided.

If this is not a scare game, then the time has come to go for complete confrontation by all possible methods, regardless of the consequences. Armenia must understand this.

Troops on their own do not redeploy or move through foreign territory on their own. Here, apparently, we are talking about the delimitation and demarcation of borders, which is carried out according to the maps of the General Staff of the Russian Federation or the Aviapro channel, as always, is lying, possibly at the suggestion of the Armenians.

Thank you for thinking so. So we can then buy your country as a whole aul ?. Please set a price in order to prepare the requested amount for you. Only if it is possible without an auction, do not want to bargain with the Turkish brothers. By the way, maybe even Russia will want to buy for itself at a reasonable price that which already belongs to half.

And why did you decide that this is the territory of Armenia, you also assured that Karabakh is the territory of Armenia. If so, for some reason, the international community is silent, and Russia does not show any claims either. Armenia can consider both Kuban and Rostov as its territory, but who in Russia will allow them. There is a border between the republics of the USSR, delimitation and demarcation are needed. And so it turns out that they, as a singer, see what I sing about. We do not need someone else's, but now we will not give up even 1 square cm of our own. If you need to fight for this, then it will be so.

According to the internationally recognized maps of the USSR, these territories belong to Azerbaijan.

And that the Russians should defend Armenia, when the Armenians themselves do not want and do nothing! Moreover, Pashinyan is brought to power, who does nothing for protection, but only destroys the country. Armenians? What are you waiting for? Russia can help if it is really bad, but you yourself will defend your fatherland?

What is the Russian base in Armenia for? They don't even support it with a word, but then I don't see the meaning of being there

Respected Russians sold Armenia to Turks and Azerbaijanis, it is not clear why, probably, they could not resist the baksheesh of the Azerbaijani diaspora.

And what are the Armenians waiting for? You yourself chose your old-new government .. Pashtnyan sold your entire country a long time ago, do you not understand this yet?