Azerbaijan strikes at the positions of the Armenian army on the eastern part of the Armenian border

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces violated the ceasefire and fired at the positions of the Armenian army on the eastern part of the border.

Contrary to the ceasefire agreements and the military operation of Azerbaijan on the border with Armenia, it became known that Azerbaijani troops attacked the positions of the Armenian military. According to the information of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, the shelling of the territory of Armenia was carried out contrary to the ceasefire agreements, however, Azerbaijan denies involvement in the attacks, stating that the provocations of the Armenian Armed Forces and the pulling of weapons to the regions bordering Azerbaijan were to blame.

At the moment, there is no information about the destruction and casualties, however, the escalation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia could lead to a resumption of conflict between the two countries. Moreover, two days earlier, information appeared that covert partial mobilization had begun in Azerbaijan, which, however, has not yet received any confirmation from Baku.

At the moment, there is a tense but rather stable situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, however, given the recent events, the situation could worsen in just a matter of hours.