Russian military in Armenia


Azerbaijan accused Russian peacekeepers of aiding war crimes

The Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan accused the Russian servicemen of aiding war crimes.

Azerbaijan decided not only to aggravate relations with Russia against the background of the ongoing conflict on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but also accused the Russian military of complicity in the war crimes of the Armenian military personnel. Such accusations are very serious and the Russian side intends to find out what they are connected with.

“We are aware of the crimes committed by illegal Armenian armed formations in the territories of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily deployed. If such cases occur, then from our side the initiation of a criminal case is ensured, because this is Azerbaijani territory and, if necessary, we apply legal mechanisms and will apply ", - said General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev.

What exactly Aliyev means by war crimes and how the Russian side and its peacekeepers are involved in this is not specified, however, according to experts, Azerbaijan is dissatisfied with the free access of Armenians to Karabakh.

“Such accusations should be viewed as provocations against the background of how the Russian military forced the Azerbaijani military to immediately leave the territory of Armenia. Earlier, the Azerbaijani president had already asserted that the Russian Iskander-M attacked Azerbaijan, claiming the presence of irrefutable facts, but now these facts have disappeared somewhere. ", - the analyst notes.

Azerbaijan has forgotten that it arose thanks to Russian soldiers who conquered this territory from Persia and which, according to the Treaty of Turmanchay, passed to Russia ... And then, by the treacherous Yeltsin decision, it was torn away from Russia ... The Azerbaijanis did not conquer this land from Persia and received it for free !

Here the conversation is about Azerbaijan's reaction to the dishonest work of the Russian peacekeepers on reconciliation, the Armenians of Karabakh who rebelled against their state with the people of Azerbaijan. The fact that Armenia stuck its nose and dirty paw here is another story. Remember at least from the history of Russia the revolts of the citizens of Russia (the uprising of Razin, Pugachev, ... Dudayev) and how they were suppressed by the state. Which of the neighboring countries supported them? That's right, no one, because. it is an internal problem of the state. Azerbaijan did not want such a bloody scenario for its citizens if the international community, including Russia, helped it in this. Unfortunately, despite the seemingly good-neighborly relations with Azerbaijan, Russia actually took under its patronage the insurgent Armenians of Karabakh, allowed a member of the CSTO Armenia, without declaring war with Azerbaijan, to take part in the uprising of the Armenians of Karabakh against Azerbaijan on the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan. Therefore, the bloody denouement in the suppression of the uprising of Armenians, the death and grief of many thousands of people in the two Karabakh wars and in the interval between them, lies on the conscience of the Russian Federation. And the Russian peacekeepers are on the territory of Azerbaijan, and should, as it were, promote reconciliation, and not stand as a "Chinese wall", turning their face to the rebellious separatists of the illegal formation and their backs to the internationally recognized Azerbaijan. It seems that they did not have a command "from above". This is what saddens the people of Azerbaijan. About Turkey's participation. Think of Kipling's Law of the Jungle by analogy. There, against the jackal Tabaki, who was hiding behind Sher Khan, the bear Baloo, the panther Bagheera and the boa constrictor Kaa stood on the side of Mowgli. Likewise.

And the Azerbaijanis fought, or all the same the Turks, and the locals simply banged out with a taxi. And then the Sultan has already said who the pilots were, then it will be more interesting. As a result, it turns out that there were no Azerbaijanis at all.

"invited" ?! How funny my slippers are. It was Osman "the Great" who sent you to the war with Armenia.

Oh, don't tell me))) Azerbaijan has invited Russian volunteers, are you serious?
PS. Artsakh will soon be Armenian, soon ...

Rauf, where are the valiant Azerbaijani pilots of Turkish appearance? So who fought in the end, Azerbaijanis or all the same Turks in disguise? And who was in command? Turkish generals. Erdogan has already poured out your grief of patriots, who fought there, so do not slander the Russian peacekeepers!

The fact of the matter is that it was not Azerbaijan that decided to aggravate relations with Russia, but the Russian peacekeepers with all their behavior violate the agreements between Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation. After all, the President of the Russian Federation said that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan and the peacekeepers were invited by Azerbaijan to assist in the reconciliation between the Armenians inhabiting Karabakh and the Azerbaijanis, but in fact, the Russian peacekeepers with all their behavior demonstrate that they stood up to defend the unrecognized entity on the territory of Azerbaijan ... Moreover, it is with the connivance of the peacekeepers that the members of the Armenian government, the armed units of Armenia, as well as incomprehensible cargoes from Armenia and Iran freely penetrate the territory of Karabakh. And the armed separatist terrorists, an entity unrecognized by anyone, even shoot from behind the peacekeepers, instead of being disarmed and taken out of Azerbaijan. And much more like that. This is what Azerbaijan is dissatisfied with. And parts of "Iskander-M" are in the trophy park of the Azerbaijan Patriotic War of 1920.

Well then, grandma and grandfather from Lyubertsy will sell potatoes on the Arbat .... - So what? Let them trade, so they will at least be in business, and not watch a zombie box with serials and grow decrepit without movement! + it will be calmer, otherwise those who come in large numbers began to consider themselves as owners! Here you are not Europe, the lawlessness from come in large numbers as in Europe will not stand. Quickly, they will calm down.

There are over a million Azerbaijanis in Moscow (according to official data!). This has to be taken into account very, very much.

Well then, grandmother and grandfather from Lyubertsy will sell potatoes on the Arbat ...

Wonderful. It's time for the Azeri mafia in the Russian Federation to impute "crimes and complicity" on the territory of the Russian Federation ....

And he thinks correctly. Because Russia and the word peacemaker contradict each other.

This is all Armenian propaganda! You might not have paid attention to the video with the mercenaries from Karabakh, the awarding of Turkish pilots and the verbal incontinence of Azerbaijani officials!)

To start. It’s time to answer, and send illegal migrants from Azerbaijan with a ban on entry! How many of them are in the markets, it's time to clean up, the tax authorities should check the same ..



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