Azerbaijan with one powerful blow from the "Spike NLOS" complex destroyed 50 armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Armenia

Satellite images of the defeat of the Armenian army in Karabakh have appeared.

Despite the statements of the Armenian side that the enemy (Azerbaijan) suffered very serious losses during the 44-day war, it became known that the Azerbaijani forces destroyed at least 50 units of Armenian armored vehicles in Karabakh with one powerful blow. The strike was apparently carried out by the Israeli Spike NLOS missile system.

On the presented satellite images, you can see the losses of the Armenian army in Karabakh. At the same time, according to other sources, the Armenian side suffered such large losses in less than an hour - as a result of a series of precise hits, the entire area of ​​concentration of the Armenian military was completely destroyed.

“The Turkish-Azerbaijani troops delivered the most powerful blow in the direction of Fizuli (Varanda) during the 44-day war in Artsakh. Satellite images show traces of fierce battles and about 50 units of destroyed enemy armored vehicles, which are scattered across the fields, and this is only in the direction of the village of Nyuzgyar. ", - reports "Telegram" -society "Armenian Military Portal".

Earlier it became known that the Israeli Spike NLOS missile systems purchased by Azerbaijan played a key role in the defeat of the Armenian forces in Karabakh - it was thanks to these complexes that most of the air defense systems and armored vehicles were successfully destroyed.

Nevertheless, experts note that such destructive consequences could have been avoided if Yerevan had taken care of the acquisition of modern Russian weapons in advance, including the Pantsir-S complexes.

What's not clear here, they wanted to sit on the chairs, it didn't work out ..

Don't worry, Constantine. Russia is in no way weaker than Israel. She just exactly fulfilled her role in this game. And it is not the fault of the Russians that the powerful of this world had to do so.

Whose cow would moan Arthur. As we all know the world is ruled by money, money itself is just pieces of paper, but those that print them, so they rule the world. They destroyed the USSR, I do not intend to delve into all sides because there is not enough time and place , I will say only regarding the first open interethnic conflict in the USSR to Karabakh, the Armenians, with the help of their diaspora in the United States, at the behest of the dollar mafia, started this conflict and therefore the Armenians are the same poor man in the same parable

What an ally Armenia is, today your tomorrow is ours.

Yes. Guys. As I can see, everyone is so smart, but unfortunately REMOTE. We won. And the point. Even after 30 years, but justice has triumphed. And if someone talks about the primordial Armenian lands, then let them answer: - why did they break the monument erected in Karabakh in the 70s, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the resettlement of Armenians?

This is to the Armenians for what they called Shusha Shushi, Kelbajar Kalvachar, Fizuli Varand and for the completely destroyed Karabakh. With this destruction, the Armenian fascists themselves proved that Karabakh is not their land. Because a normal people will not destroy their land so brutally. So Macron had to shut up forever.

That's right, blame everything on Russia. It's easier for you to live on, isn't it? when Pashinyan was elected, did you know perfectly well whose protege you were voting for, did his rhetoric resemble anything from the rhetoric of the nearest neighboring countries? And the fact that it was your chosen one with his team who handed over all the lands to Azerbaijan, so this also does not need to be noticed, you successfully re-elected him! So there is only one conclusion - you all are happy with everything in Armenia, including the results of this 44-day war. It's hard to admit your mistakes. This requires courage and, to some extent, wisdom. And since the Armenian people for the most part showed the absence of this, then their actions are logical - to blame everything on the one who actually stopped the bloodshed. You work with the Ukrainians one by one. Shame!

And if these Russians live in Azerbaijan?

Why are you so trifling there - your Ukraine has crushed everyone! :)

How, how did Russia participate in the conflict?

The Armenians did not lose. Unfortunately, Russia turned out to be a loser ..... and we all understand this perfectly well. Christian brothers just hold on to you, but those are not.

But Putin and Lavrov said that there were terrorists from ISIS. Who to believe?

Azeri army !!! Thank you for making me laugh !!!

In this war, Armenia had no allies. As they say, Russia cannot be understood with the mind

why is the opinion imposed on readers that Russia allegedly abandoned its ally, this is fundamentally wrong, Vladimir Putin himself admitted that the Armenian side was provided with everything necessary for the conduct of hostilities, this is evidenced by the intensive supply quantity. it is a fact, and what else had to be done by Russia. Yes, she remained in the shadow of active hostilities, but indirectly helped the Armenian army. It is very painful for us Azerbaijanis to realize this, but this is the reality that we have to face. Azerbaijan, as well as its people, never did anything that would contradict Russian interests in the world, but Azerbaijan was always oppressed by the Russian side in this conflict with Armenia, to put it mildly, we remember that. If Russia considered itself a party that should try on the parties, then by at least it should have been more fair to both sides, maybe there would not have been so many victims! In one of the comments to this article, I read a parable, apparently an Armenian. I also want to write to you one like this: one ruler had a horse and a donkey in his household, when it came time to say goodbye and he decided to talk to them heart to heart and find out how they treat him asked the donkey how I treated you, are you satisfied with me? The donkey, realizing that nothing connects him with him anymore, tells him: I deserved more, you provided me poorly with millet, my work was not appreciated by you, so I leave for another. Having heard this, Vladyka fell into complete despair, having come to himself, he went to his black horse and asked the same question. The horse answered him: Everything that was between us, I will leave only the best in my memory in order for our relationship and in the future to remain warm. But I cannot forgive you for one thing. Vladyka was surprised at the Horse's answer and decided to clarify, but why cannot you forgive me? The horse answered, whenever we went anywhere with you, you tied my bridle to the tail of the donkey. this was the biggest humiliation for me.

Spike NLOS - were Azerbaijanis used? What Azerbaijanis are, this is the same as giving a Grenade to a Neanderthal. If they used it, it was from the promised land, no matter how they have bases in Azerbaijan, they need to work out their presence there.

Armenians and Azeris have absolutely nothing to do with it. Dreams about desired things and events always give us pleasure, but it is sometimes very difficult to come face to face with reality. The Karabakh war was between Israel and Russia. It was a real war between Russia and Israel. We all know that the truth hurts. We all need to get rid of the philosophy of illusion and arrogance. Truth must be looked in the eye. Israel defeated Russia. Our electronic space military system lags far behind Israel's.

Russia has two confederates - the army and the navy!

Shlemik, believe it! At the official level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the head of Svr Naryshkin confirmed this that there were at least fighters from Syria there, and they even led your general headquarters! Give me at least one known Azerbaijani, not only a commander, but a military one, at least in the vastness of the USSR. Everything has its time!

Do not drag Russia into your aul showdowns

And why should we give you weapons just like that? In the 90s, Armenia would not have done anything without us. And even more so, the Azerbaijanis took theirs. Stop whining. We have enough of our own problems.

It was Azerbaijan and Turkey that defeated the Russian Federation, not Armenia. Actually so.

I am amazed by the Russians, who rejoice at the defeat of Armenia, they say, "they wanted to the United States, so get it." It's like in a joke: a poor man prays to God, asks for well-being, God appears to him and says "ask what you want, I will do everything, but I will give your neighbor 2 times more", the poor man thought and said "gouge out my eye."

That's the same here, of course, the current situation for Armenia is a catastrophe, but for Russia it is also oh, how bad, Armenia is the last ally of Russia in the Transcaucasia and what no barrier for Islamists to the North Caucasus, Armenia will not become or it will fall under the influence (in environment) Turkey and the Chechen company will seem a slight misunderstanding. Look in the sources who sponsored terrorists in the Caucasus in the early 90s and rejoice at your "partners" and "allies" Azeris and Turks.

Kyrgyz and Kazakhs are not the main allies; Russia is the main ally.

When they say that they have betrayed, no one says go fight for us, it was enough to provide electronic warfare systems to close the sky, and then the results would be different. Armenians can fight very well, history confirms this. So there is no need to hide behind phrases "go fight for us" and those at the top are well aware of this. The one who is friends with your enemy cannot be an ally! Turkey has shown not only in this conflict but also in others that it is ready to defend, fight, help its allies not in words but in deeds. So there is no need to fight for the Armenians, you had to be an ally and not merge for the sake of personal grievances !!! And yes, the Armenians were not betrayed by the Russian people, but those who are at the helm, this must also be understood!

There were no Turkish troops there, Russia is well aware of this. The Armenians were defeated by the Azeri army.

,, an ally threw his ally to be torn apart by these wolves ,, - thank you, this is a factual part, but how we think and how we comment is of little importance.

Moreover, Armenia's strategic ally even openly and repeatedly stated this - “Russia invited (or connected) the Turks to“ resolve the problem ”(St. Tarasov). Or - “We sacrificed our ally in order to include Azerbaijan in the CSTO and EAZEC” (Dugin). So you think about the moral character of the "brotherly people and age-old ally"

this rocket is guided by the TV and radio signal, which means that it is not the Armor but the electronic warfare that is needed to jam the control of the TV signal of the rocket's video camera. Apparently Soros was sorry for the money to buy US rail stations for his Armenians

that's right Fedor, the ally threw his ally at the mercy of these wolves, but I think the Armenians, as always, outwitted everyone, to put it mildly, and first of all themselves, the people who for centuries have lost their lands by betrayal, and always created benefits for the prosperity of other states, deserves such a fate, although he is an Armenian himself, but this is my opinion.

This is someone else who "threw". The Armenians moved towards the Amers. Here they paid.

What allies have Armenia abandoned? Surely not the ones who moved to Russia and from here shouted from all TV channels, "go to fight for us! You are obliged to help!" Are you talking about them?

Fedor, all correctly noted, the shells would have been destroyed as well. Yes, and such allies as Belarusians and Kazakhs, it is better to keep further away from yourself. The restraining factor was Russia, we now see that it has finally lost its authority in the Caucasus. Or just decided to punish Armenia and said guys we won't interfere

Everyone thinks he is a strategist
Seeing the fight from the side.

It is unlikely that the Armenians, abandoned by their ally, could have resisted the Turkish-Israeli, NATO technology (in addition to the already superior Russian one) even with several new "shells C" in place of the old ones. So, don't look smart in hindsight.