Azerbaijan destroyed two tanks of Armenia with one blow - video published

Azerbaijan is successfully "neutralizing" the armored forces of Armenia.

Since the beginning of the active confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Armenian Armed Forces have already lost 10% of their battle tanks, however, in the last XNUMX hours alone, the army was left without at least ten armored vehicles, two of which Azerbaijan destroyed with one blow from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the presented video frames, you can see that the Azerbaijani drone spotted two tanks, and after just a few minutes it successfully destroyed two combat vehicles at once - both tanks received critical damage and they were not evacuated from the place of destruction. Apparently, we are talking about T-72 tanks, which were previously seen in large numbers in this region. Taking into account the data provided by the Azerbaijani defense department, the losses of Armenia have already reached 42 combat vehicles, which indicates that Armenia lost about 10% of its armored forces in just three days of the armed conflict.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense does not officially comment on the video footage showing the country's losses, however, the situation in the region is very tense, and this despite the fact that it has not come to real tank battles so far - combat vehicles are successfully destroyed using unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery and MLRS.