JF-17 Fighter


Azerbaijan refused to buy Russian MiG-35, in favor of Chinese JF-17

Azerbaijan decided to opt for 21 JF-17 fighter-bomber.

Despite the information that appeared earlier that after the end of the armed conflict in Karabakh, Azerbaijan intends to receive a batch of 12 MiG-35 fighters for its armament, it became known that in the first half of this year the Azerbaijani Air Force will be re-equipped with fighter-bombers. JF-17, which are joint Pakistani-Chinese combat aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that the supply of JF-17 fighters to the Azerbaijani Air Force will be carried out by Pakistan in exchange for oil and oil products, while in total 10 fighter-bomber aircraft will be transferred to Azerbaijan within the next 21 years, which will significantly strengthen the Air Force of this country. ...

In Azerbaijan itself, the capabilities of the JF-17 fighters are highly appreciated, stating that in terms of its characteristics this combat aircraft is equal to other fighter-bombers.

Whether in the future Baku will consider the acquisition of Russian weapons, including helicopters and airplanes, remains unknown.


Russia, of course, will not sell the MiG-35 cheaply. Especially for oil ...

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The JF-17 is cheaper than the MIG-35 and is not inferior in terms of combat characteristics. India also preferred French aircraft. Although I bought Russian for many years. These are all normal things.

Russia has never attacked the first - but the USA many times - Yugoslavia Iraq Afghanistan Libya Vietnam Korea

unfortunately we need to unite with someone - you are wrong when you write that Russia will wipe everyone off the face of the earth - if a war starts with NATO, it is easy to calculate how many, for example, Russia has planes and NATO is 10 times overweight

dear Alexey, your reaction is not appropriate. The conversation is not about who and whom will wipe off the face of the earth! You buy potatoes from whoever you want ... it's a business

What nonsense you wrote. Russia is a great country, it does not need to unite with anyone. It will erase anyone from planet Earth. She already does not put the United States in anything, and she turns Turkey and Azerbaijan in the causal place - this moment is shown in Karabakh. You, father, are ridiculous in your judgments. Sorry.

If you don't buy a tomato from me, then you have an intention to fight me?

It's not about conflict. The fact is that Russia may one day attack. But we know that Russian weapons cannot be fired at friendly ones. By the way, the United States can also make Russia a desert.


An article of 20 lines, claiming for analysis, defining the policy of states in the field of arms procurement for years. Something like that is not enough.

The problem is that people who are far from understanding what is really happening comment, and other people who do not delve into the essence of the issue take this information for the truth.

In my opinion, the matter is in mother Russia itself. As long as Russia will keep the parasite to the detriment of itself, Armenia will not think of any really fraternal relations with Russia. How long will Russia keep this "great" long-suffering country claiming the territory of a part of Russia, "abandoned by all" but believing that it should be protected by everyone except themselves, so ancient that if Adam had a surname, he would have been Adamyan, by no historical documents not proven, but for political reasons, some recognized the genocide of the surviving nation.

No matter how much they want, there will be no conflict between Russia and Azerbaijan. This is not possible due to the different weight categories. It is foolish to itch against the sword of Russia But this does not mean that these lands can be considered as their pasture)) Azerbaijan is building its policy competently and strengthening its positions step by step. Look at the situation in Azerbaijan 30, 20, 10 years ago and now. You can easily set a schedule and see where it can go. And if we take into account that the days of Iran are numbered because in the modern world they do not want to retreat to their humble place, then this becomes clear. And if it turns out that southern and northern Azerbaijan will be reunited, then the state with access to the Persian Gulf and the Black Sea (through Georgia), with a population of 50 million. In alliance with Turkey and Pakistan, this is a rather formidable force, you will agree. Where Central Asia will move further is clear. And with them the Balkans. Here Russia needs to decide To become the head of this union, to get a humiliating place under the arm of the United States, or to go under China ... Turkic Slavic unity is the only salvation of this crazy and not just world.

engine: RD-93 (or its copy WS-13)

Aliyev assumes that a conflict is possible from Azerbaijan and RUSSIA, and in all likelihood he will not buy Russian weapons. However, I cannot compare the POWER OF RUSSIA and Azerbaijan. The possibility of RUSSIA to make Azerbaijan a DESERT - half an hour or an hour. And what about Azerbaijan ???

Because Mikoyan. It is not excluded that, at the request of the Turks and Aliyev, Putin will rename MIG to IS or G. He is not the first time to surrender his interests.


No need to be ironic. The best choice. Well done.

And whose engine is it? Yes, and sa olet not very. And they don't take a moment, so they mean the conflict with RUSSIA for the future?

An excellent plane, it can take off and land. Now half the oil will go for the plane and the other half for refueling!