Azerbaijan refused to withdraw its troops from the territory of Armenia, despite the demands of Russia

Azerbaijan refused to withdraw its troops from the territory of Armenia.

The talks held the day before yesterday between the representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan with the mediation of Russia, despite the unofficial information that appeared about Baku's intentions to withdraw its troops, were not crowned with success - Azerbaijan refused to withdraw its troops from the occupied several tens of square kilometers of the territory of Armenia. According to the Armenian information and news publication, during the day the forces of Azerbaijan not only did not leave the occupied regions, but also pulled additional military equipment here, however, the latter is located on the territory of Azerbaijan.

“The situation is the same as yesterday. As a result of the negotiations, the Azerbaijani army was somehow forced to remain on the territory of the Black Lake, although it had to retreat, which did not happen. Boris Avagyan said that according to the agreements reached, the Azerbaijani forces will have 4 bases in the Black Lake area, 15 soldiers each "- it is said in the message.

Noteworthy is the fact that neither the Russian, nor the Armenian, nor the Azerbaijani sides have provided official data on the agreements reached, however, the current situation in one way or another indicates an escalation of the conflict in the region, especially against the background of the emergence of Azerbaijani aviation and drones in the area of ​​the Armenian borders.

The territory of Azerbaijan is the Russian territory - the Baku province (region), which went to Russia as a result of the war with Persia (not with Turkey), that is, part of northern Persia for the murder of Ambassador Griboyedov, remember such a wonderful Russian writer? Yes, he was an ambassador, he knew 6 languages ​​... then you know that Lenin called these lands Azerbaijan in honor of the Persian region of the same name in Iran (Persia) ... and it was not legally separated by the elder Aliyev from Russia and fell under the influence of Turkey which has long wanted to tidy up these oil-bearing lands and clean up the local population since local Azerbaijanis are the descendants of the Shiite Persians, and not some kind of nomadic Turks ... but the creation of Turkish schools and the brainwashing of Turkish propaganda did their job, as in Ukraine ...

and the fact that our lands have been occupied for 30 years? Wasn't that aggression? The villages in the Kazakh region have not yet been returned, the village of Kyarki, an enclave in Armenia, has not returned 20 square kilometers either.

No one attacks anyone and no one needs to be protected, Azerbaijan returns its occupied lands, whether someone likes it or not, it is their business. Russia and Azerbaijan are two friendly states. This must be understood and accepted, no one can drive a wedge between them. And Turkey is us!

The Armenians are inflating, everything is not so simple, Russia knows this Azerbaijani territory very well.

For some reason, all the media write that this is the territory of Armenia. But it is not so
Before the occupation of Lachin region by Armenia, about a third or a quarter of Black Lake belonged to this region, i.e. To Azerbaijan. After the occupation, it became completely Armenian. Now Armenia has deoccupied the Lachin region and Azerbaijan is returning its part of the lake.

NATO incites "sultic", "sultic" picks at Azerbaijan. And God forbid, a mess starts, Erdogan will step aside, like I'm not in business. Which is in the spirit of Erdogan.

No Talyan, no pity, this is an CONTRACT, otherwise other countries will not have faith, in any case. We must do what we must.
There is a misunderstanding of how a country that is part of a serious military bloc was able to elect such a prime minister and allow anti-Russian marches (with membership in the CSTO)? Why did the RF not correct the state of affairs? Pashinyan did not train the army, did not arm the Karabakh defenders ...
Now this is also all "mysterious"

NATO will not stand up for Turkey! Because the Russian Federation did not attack Turkey, but is helping its CSTO ally in accordance with the existing treaty! So, if the "sultan" stands up for Azerbaijan, it will be at his own peril and risk! NATO will not fight the Russian Federation because of Erdogan's imperial manners! Moreover, the so-called. the alliance is afraid of Russia!)

Turks have nothing

It is a pity that Russia is being drawn into the conflict, at the instigation of Armenia. Turkey will stand up for Azerbaijan, and NATO for Turkey. It will not seem a little to anyone.