T-90 Tank


Azerbaijan lost only 32 tanks in Karabakh - Armenia is almost 9 times more

The losses of Azerbaijan in equipment and weapons have been named.

According to information resources, for a month and a half of hostilities in Karabakh, even despite the fact that Azerbaijan was on the offensive, the losses in the armored forces of the Azerbaijani army were minimal. Thus, according to the information provided, Azerbaijan lost only 32 tanks in Karabakh, of which only 20 were completely destroyed, while the Russian T-90 tanks in service with Azerbaijan were only damaged - work is underway to restore them to return to service.

Tanks (32, of which destroyed: 20, damaged: 8, thrown: 1, captured: 2, captured but later lost 1:

  • 1 T-72 'Ural': (destroyed)
  • 3 T-72A: (1 destroyed and 2 damaged)
  • 10 T-72AV / T-72 "Aslan": (5 destroyed, 4 damaged, 1 re-captured from Armenia)
  • 15 T-72 of unknown modification: (13 destroyed, 1 damaged, 1 abandoned)
  • 3 T-90S: (2 damaged and captured, 1 damaged) "

Relatively small, and, according to experts, even minimal, losses in the armored forces of the Azerbaijani army indicate that Baku was much better prepared for the war in Karabakh, especially considering the fact that during the entire period of the war, not a single Russian tank was ever was destroyed in battle.