T-72 Tank


Azerbaijan against Armenia: Azerbaijani Armed Forces have already lost 137 tanks and 7 military helicopters

Baku suffers very large losses as a result of clashes with Armenia and NKR.

The outbreak of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh led to unjustifiably large losses for Baku, in particular, in just three days, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces lost about 800 servicemen, 137 armored vehicles (mainly tanks), 72 unmanned aerial vehicles, 7 military helicopters and two military aircraft. which significantly slowed down the advance of Azerbaijani troops into the zone of the main conflict.

“Representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan announced the losses of Azerbaijan for three days of fighting in Karabakh. At the briefing, he noted that in three days of fighting, the enemy lost 790 people, 180 of them in the Karvachar direction, where there were stubborn battles. According to rough estimates, the enemy has 1900 wounded. During the reporting period, the Armenian Armed Forces hit 137 tanks and other types of Azerbaijani armored vehicles, 72 drones, 7 helicopters and 1 aircraft from anti-tank weapons. The Armenian side also has losses, they will be made public tomorrow morning ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency "Sputnik".

Taking into account data from open sources, such losses for the Azerbaijani army are very significant, however, experts draw attention to the fact that today it has not come to open tank confrontations between the two countries - mainly artillery, drones and rocket systems operate multiple launch rocket launchers, while the sides still practically do not use combat aviation due to the fact that each side has air defense weapons that allow them to hit air targets at distances of up to 100 kilometers.

From what Crimea is the historical land of Turkey ?! If the Turks appeared in Europe already in the 14th century. It was because they were the absolute majority that they managed to drive out the minority of Azeris.

Better than Russian weapons, only new Russian weapons.

Good girl, I support you

The absolute majority of Tatars live in Tatarstan, Chechens in Chechnya, Dagestanis in Dagestan, BUT THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO START A WAR WITHOUT A REASON ONLY BECAUSE YOUR COLLEAGUES LIVE THERE. I know one who started Total War with the pretext: "Germans live in Danzig"

Stupidly speaks about the USSR, which unleashed all these ethnic conflicts and that the Azerbaijanis are to blame for everything. Armenians attacked and Armenians have done a lot in their history. They staged a massacre in Central Asia with the support of the Bolshevik army. The USSR pretended that everything was fine, but it was not there. Now, the war was launched by the Armenians and I do not trust either the Armenians or the Azeris in terms of losses. I do not like these wars that start from nothing. Idiocy

Then there was a united and indestructible Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and no one belonged to anyone! Learn mat. part!

And the Azerbaijanis did not expel, rob, rape, or kill Russians and Armenians in the 90s?

Have you even read this UN resolution? Read and tell others in what status Armenia is mentioned there

today any weapon is designed for one battle ...

When Yerevan was a khanate, Azerbaijan was not invented yet !!!

As it was said in one film - the more we hand over, the better!

This Russian weapon is rubbish

Are the Armenians having fun in the shooting range?

You are a bit confused about the plane, it struck from the territory of Azerbaijan, 60 km from the border. According to Iskander, this is not an end to the war, but a new round of it. In the modern information war, then you will not prove that you are not a turkey. You bang with Iskanders, the civilians will die, the West will join, NATO, and what will begin further, God only knows.

The price of such tanks ...

You do not feel sorry for the youth who die in this war from all sides. But on the other hand, it was Lenin and Stalin who gave / created the country of Armenia
Don't forget about that Yerevan was a khanate !!!

Well, what do you propose to give Crimea to Turkey, this is their historical land? And what about the absolute majority of Armenians in the early 90s, Armenians killed, massacred and drove out Azerbaijanis

we are waiting for some kind of N-agreement and like a ceasefire.

I absolutely agree, especially with the word "WHY" ....., but now this word plays its role not in favor of Armenia and this is not Russia's fault, but rather the opposite ... !!!

Fruits for vegetables

Whoever this land was once, now it has belonged to the Armenians for almost 30 years. Once upon a time, Armenia and Azerbaijan belonged to Russia, and what - to call their inhabitants invaders, bomb and return the territories? The status quo must be observed.

The animals were settled in Karabakhs from Persia at the time of Griboyedov.

Everything is 100% correct! The only thing is that I do not wish victory to anyone. Let them come to an agreement, come to a compromise ...

it is historically the land of Armenians, the absolute majority of Armenians live on this territory, hold a referendum on the status, as in Crimea

The photo is old, he is already three or four years old

All these figures of Azerbaijani losses cause only laughter, reminds "three tape recorders, three cigarette cases, a suede jacket", Azerbaijan is fighting for its land occupied by the macaws, according to the UN resolutions of 1993 and is fighting quite well. Separatism in the NKR was muddied by macaws even before the collapse The USSR, the political leadership could not do anything with them, until now, in addition to the NKR, several regions of the PRIMORDLY Azerbaijani land have been occupied, forward Azerbaijan, restore historical justice!

I think that the war will end when Azerbaijan captures Karabakh, but then claims will come and the war will spread to the USA, where Karabakh exists.

It is absolutely incomprehensible why Armenia and the NKR do not use Iskander so far? . and in the same spirit. BUT, the third day "things are still there" ... Is it really incomprehensible that one or two volleys of these "Iskander" destroying everything and everything, and that's it !!! End of the askers offensive! The end of the war! .. And at the same time, the end of the ambitions of Turkey, which does not have its own air defense and missile defense. And by the way, this is the only thing that still holds the Turks back. This is the first thing.

Second. Where is the Armenian front-line aviation? .. The second day they write about the Armenian SU, which died in a battle with a Turkish plane ...

This alone, that the Turkish plane was able to invade the airspace of Armenia for 60 km (and even destroyed the Armenian SU with the pilot !!!), is enough to launch a missile strike at the Turkish Air Force base in Nakhichevan ... And again, instead of decisive actions from the Armenian side - the chatter of the press secretaries of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia ... Like: "we are about to do it" ... Let's go for the third day, ay?! ..

What's happening? Whom and what are we waiting for? .. it's not clear at all ...

Third. Pashinyan's policy turned out to be "narcissistic failure." What I mean?..

Well, why was it necessary to spoil relations with Russia? .. Why was it necessary to deprive Russia of TV broadcasting to Armenia? .. Why was it necessary to limit the number of Russian schools in Yerevan to zero? ..

Why was it necessary to imprison the hero of the Karabakh war, Robert Kocharian, in jail, knowing that he is Putin's personal friend? .. Why was it necessary to condone anti-Russian demonstrations in Yerevan? .. Why was it necessary to grovel before the Americans? Question: Have Americans ever saved Armenians from massacre and extermination? Did they recognize the genocide? .. Or will a well-fed Europe worry about the Armenian brothers, except for "quietly" sympathetic France, choking on the influx of migrants and its "yellow helmets"?

So that later, at the first opportunity, to call Putin with a "persistent" reminder of friendship, guarantees of the CSTO and military assistance? .. Is this the wisdom of the policy of Mr. Pashinyan? ..

In the days of Robert Kocharyan (and Serzh Sargsyan, by the way, too) could such a thing have happened? Is it really possible during the reign of the "Karabakhis" to be such that Turkey allowed itself in words and deeds? .. No, it could not, because fraternal Russia stood behind Armenia, feeling "an Armenian heart full of gratitude, historical memory and Faith" ...

That's what you need to think about ... but that's all after the Victory! ..

Long live the victory of Artsakh! ..