Azerbaijan tries to hide losses in Karabakh by accidents

Azerbaijan was caught trying to hide losses after a new incident in Karabakh.

This happened against the background of the fact that after a new round of escalation in Karabakh, when Baku announced that there were no losses in the ongoing operation, at least five accidents with the death of the Azerbaijani military were identified. Some officially announced cases are very absurd, which caused suspicions that Azerbaijan's losses are much greater than the losses of the NKR.

According to the data presented, only in the last 5 hours, XNUMX cases of death of Azerbaijani military personnel were revealed. In particular, it was reported that in one of the episodes a piece of rock fell on a group of servicemen, in the second case, the serviceman was allegedly blown up by a mine, in the third case, he got into an accident, etc. According to Armenian sources, we are talking about those servicemen who who were involved in the latest incident in Karabakh.

“According to official data, only one serviceman was killed in the NKR and, obviously, Baku does not want to demonstrate that forces that are much superior in number and power suffered much greater losses. Obviously, this may affect the reputation of the authorities and therefore the recorded cases are given out as accidents. Oddly enough, but in all the accidents there are military personnel who were involved in the last operation (ed.) in Karabakh”- said the source.

At the moment, a tense, but very stable situation is observed in Karabakh, however, Azerbaijan has not yet withdrawn its forces from the border of the unrecognized state.