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Azerbaijan: Russia controlled Iskander missiles in Karabakh

Azerbaijan stated that the tactical missile systems "Iskander" of the Armenian Armed Forces were controlled by Russia.

The General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan stated that "the control panel for the Iskander missiles is in the hands of the Russian side," and it is for this reason that Armenia did not strike with Iskander tactical missile systems on the territory of Azerbaijan. According to the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan, the Iskander complexes were never used during the 45-day military clashes.

“I can only rely on facts and cannot speak without support. We have no evidence of the use of Iskander missiles by the Armenian side. We analyzed all the remains of missiles fired in our direction, carried out an examination together with the relevant structures of the country. I think it was a bluff on the part of Hakobyan for some kind of internal political purposes. At the same time, there is accurate data on the use by Armenians of other equally destructive missiles - "Scud", "Tochka U", and "Smerch". Cluster bombs were used against the city of Barda seven times. These missiles are of old production and have long been transferred to Armenia. Iskander missiles are of a new generation. They are in Armenia, but I don't think they are under the operational control of the Armenian side. This is too serious a weapon, I believe that the so-called control panel for these missiles is in the hands of the Russian side. "- said In an interview with Azerbaijani media, the country's Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev.

At the same time, at least two video clips, allowing to assert that the Russian Iskander OTRK in the conflict on the territory of Karabakh could still be used, but, despite the demonstrated launches, the data on the affected targets was never commented on by either side of the conflict.

The reasons why the Iskander OTRK were not involved in the strikes are still unknown, although it was also reported earlier that Armenia did not use its Su-30SM fighters either due to the banal lack of missiles for them.

I am glad that Russia has fewer and fewer friends every year. There are practically no allies left, and this is good news.