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Azerbaijan allows Israel to use its air bases for attacks on Iran

Israel was allowed to use Azerbaijani air bases for strikes on Iran.

The Azerbaijani authorities allowed Israel to use its military bases and facilities to strike at Iranian territory. Obviously, this is the reason for the surprise attack on an Iranian nuclear facility located near Tehran. Information on this matter was announced by US Congressman Eliot Engel. Apparently, Iran could have received confirmation in this regard from the Russian military, who carefully control the region with the help of their radars, since the Tehran authorities directly accused Baku of cooperating with the IDF, promising an immediate response.

"Israel intends to use the military bases of Azerbaijan to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities, if necessary, and Azerbaijan agreed to this."- said former US Congressman Eliot Engel.

Against the background of such data, there were suggestions that the provocations organized by Azerbaijan and Turkey are aimed specifically at unleashing an armed conflict with Iran, in which Israel, interested in the destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities and change of power in the Islamic republic, will obviously intervene.

Earlier in Tehran itself it was stated that Israel could have used its drones and stealth fighters to strike from the territory of Azerbaijan, however, no evidence of this has yet been found.

if you want to ruin the country contact the Jews.

Strange, do the Armenians say that they are Azerbaijani ?!

hmm the economy of azerbaijan does not pull such a large number of the population. In this connection, they teach Russian in schools to be sent to Russia, but now they want to fight and throw off an extra ballast!

Guys you look Who owns this news agency, Armenian is true, I forgot his name, he sleeps and sees Iran attacking Azerbaijan by the way, journalist wargonzo who covered the Karabakh war in favor of Armenia when Armenia lost he also works for this agency this article is completely nonsense Azerbaijan will never allow so that someone attacked someone from their territory and stay in the center of this mess

Why are you surprised? Iran is sitting in Syria with its wasal and is preparing an attack on Israel. Why can't Israel do it from Friendly Azerbaijan?

Where does Ukraine get so much money? What they just do not buy for military needs. Really for pumping Russian gas?

Those. Iran has no intelligence at all !? Marvelous. To be in the ring of enemies and not to have it ...

Is Aliev normal, actually? One war is not enough for him? He doesn't think about his people! The people are not cannon fodder for politicians!



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