Azerbaijan: next provocation will be suicidal for Yerevan

Azerbaijan has announced the last warning for Armenia.

The ongoing almost daily shelling of the territory of Azerbaijan and the detected cases of the transfer of weapons from Armenia to Karabakh may lead to a new armed conflict in the region. In addition to the fact that over the past three days Azerbaijan has been actively pulling its weapons to the border with Armenia, a direct warning has already been sent to Yerevan that the subsequent provocation will be suicidal for Armenia.

“An important message from Baku is that the next provocation will be suicidal for Yerevan. The process is moving towards the next war: these steps will lead to the end of Armenia", the Azerbaijani state television reported.

On the video footage published online, you can see the transfer of Azerbaijani military equipment to the border with Armenia. Considering that in all previous cases this resulted in an armed conflict, it is more than likely that Baku does not intend to implement the reached Tripartite agreements, accusing Armenia of escalation.

According to experts, if a new conflict really takes place, for the Republic of Artsakh it will end with the cessation of its existence.


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