Azerbaijan secretly produced thousands of shells for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainian military correspondent Roman Bochkala unwittingly revealed that Azerbaijan is one of the producers of ammunition for the Ukrainian armed forces. This conclusion was made based on the journalist’s publication in his Telegram channel, where he shares photos and videos from the production workshop where 122-mm shells for the D-30 howitzer are manufactured.

In a commentary to these materials, Bochkala mentioned that Ukraine began producing ammunition in one of the “partner countries.” In the photographs taken during a visit to the workshop, stands with the symbols of the Azerbaijani group of companies Palladium, which is a partner of the Ukrainian Ukroboronprom, were found. In one of the photographs, Bochkala holds a Ukrainian flag against the background of ammunition, and the symbols of Azerbaijan are visible on the column behind him.

The Palladium Defense and Security Solutions company was founded in 2014 and is part of the Azerbaijan Palladium group of companies with its head office in Baku. Over the years of its activity, the corporation has achieved significant progress in cooperation and support of security and civil protection services both in Azerbaijan and in other countries. The company has partners in various countries, including the UAE, Georgia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Palladium's main activity is the delivery of comprehensive solutions for the civil market and law enforcement agencies in the field of safety and security.


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