Azerbaijan destroyed 12 air defense systems of Armenia in just 4 hours

Armenia was left without air defense means.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced that in a few hours the Azerbaijani military were able to destroy 12 anti-aircraft missile systems of Armenia, which were used to destroy Azerbaijani helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Taking into account the fact that Armenia is armed with a relatively small number of anti-aircraft missile systems, Azerbaijan has managed to seriously undermine the defense capability of this country, which makes it possible to use military aircraft to deliver strikes.

"The troops of the Azerbaijani army have launched a" lightning counter-offensive "operation along the entire front, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports. According to them, the military managed to destroy 12 units of anti-aircraft missile systems of the air defense of Armenia. “In order to suppress the combat activity of the armed forces of Armenia and ensure the safety of the civilian population, the command of the Azerbaijani Army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation of our troops along the entire front. The personnel and tank units, with the support of units of the rocket and artillery forces, front-line aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), having discovered a large number of manpower, military objects and military equipment of the Armenian armed forces located in the front line and in the depths of the enemy's defense, destroy them ", - said in the message of the Ministry of Defense", - about it сообщает Russian information publication Kommersant.

It is known that Azerbaijan really used missile weapons and attack unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver strikes on the territory of Armenia, while today the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan cannot use combat aviation due to the fact that Armenia has a developed air defense system, and The most effective air defense systems are the S-300 complexes, and although Baku does not comment on which positional areas of the air defense systems were destroyed, there is a possibility that this may also apply to the Favorit complexes.

is that a fake, the photo was not taken "now" is it winter in the photo?

Yes, only Karabakh is not part of Armenia. It is part of Azerbaijan.

And where are the Azerbaijanis from?

Read the Turkmenchay agreement and understand where the Armenians come from

The United States did not work in vain, unlike our diplomats. Putin needs to dismiss the consul in Azerbaijan, for unleashing a war in Azerbaijan. And from other countries, too, where they lose, and they do nothing for the good of RUSSIA

Well, to be honest, the ancestral land of the Azeris is Turkmenistan.

The CSTO includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

I do not respect multi-vector leaders. And not only the former leaders of the republics. But there are also in Europe who do not defame Russia and immediately ask for help.

100% agree, photo from the first mess in February 1988.

Well, turn on your brains. there were 20 people killed yesterday, and each car with a driver, commander and operator was like a min. 12 for 3 = 36 people, and yet the Rbtala and atrilleria and infantry and tanks and aviation still ... It doesn't fit at all, and all this had to be filmed, I saw only 3 or four, they showed me the same thing they repeated, yes even 4 ...

Karabakh was part of the Armenian kingdom as early as the 4th century BC. So the aggressor here is Azerbaijan, incited by the Turks.

Yes, the trees are bare in the photo, it's winter there or this is a photo of 30 years ago

Tell me about the ancestral lands of Azerbaijan? Since when has Nagorno-Karabakh become the original land of Azerbaijan, if since ancient times it has been an Armenian territory?

In such conflicts it is always like this, half will be destroyed, half, or even 2/3 will be attributed. Moreover, on both sides

So why isn't Pashinyan calling the Yankees in Europe? He creeps under them, and as the smell of gunpowder runs to the Russians. Let him enter our union with Belarus, and then we'll see what to do there.

Not Armenia's air defense, but Nagorno-Karabakh. And in general, this is the ATO to clean up illegal bandit formations on its territory, and Armenia acts as an aggressor on foreign territory. Azerbaijan is clearing its ancestral lands and has no territorial claims against Armenia!

What is in the photo looks like the Osa air defense system. What does the Favorite have to do with it? The difference between them is like between a bicycle and a car.

Withdrew from our country and have been fighting for some time already: D

What kind of nonsense? Armenia has enough air defense systems