Azerbaijan destroyed dozens of Armenian tanks with Israeli Spike NLOS

Dozens of Armenian tanks were destroyed by Israeli Spike NLOS complexes.

The Azerbaijani military managed to destroy dozens of Armenian tanks, in fact, without engaging in direct clashes. For this, not only strike drones and kamikaze drones were involved, but also, as it turned out, the Israeli anti-tank missile systems Spike NLOS. Earlier it was assumed that Azerbaijan used Israeli-made ATGMs only in isolated cases, however, judging by the video footage published by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, we are talking about dozens of destroyed tanks, lightly armored vehicles and army trucks.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the operators carry out precise guidance of missiles to the target. At the same time, according to analysts, we are talking not just about intentions to get into the tank, but also to attack its weak points in order to ensure that the combat vehicle is disabled or destroyed.

According to Azerbaijani specialists, the Israeli weapons in the Azerbaijani army made a splash, since in the overwhelming majority of cases it was possible to attack enemy forces outside the line of sight, i.e., without engaging in direct clashes with the forces of Armenia and the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. ...

According to so far unconfirmed reports, it was the success of the Israeli Spike NLOS anti-tank systems that led to the conclusion of new contracts for the supply of these missile systems to the armament of the Azerbaijani army.

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With such a concentration of troops, it is absolutely ineffective to use such expensive missiles.

New Iranian heavy guided ballistic missiles targeting enemy headquarters. )

And someone here declares that Israel is not doing anything to the detriment of the Russian Federation !?

Hey, weirdo, did you at least look how many Armenians had equipment AT ALL ?? Where are hundreds of them; DDDDD

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I wonder what could prevent the use of such high-precision weapons against Syrian / Iranian targets in the event of a conflict !?

I agree, there could have been hundreds, dozens - this is the minimum.

What ... "dozens of Armenian tanks"? The author, you would have counted then for an adequate perception of your ... nonsense.))