Azerbaijan first used 203-mm Pion howitzer against Armenia - devastating consequences

Azerbaijan began to use large-caliber artillery in Karabakh.

Azerbaijan decided not to use its unmanned aerial vehicles and rocket artillery for striking the positions of the Artsakh army forces, starting to use large-caliber artillery, in particular, we are talking about 203-mm. self-propelled artillery mounts "Pion".

The transition to the use of large-caliber artillery means is most likely due to an increase in the efficiency of the air defense means of Armenia and the NKR, while it is suggested that the active strikes with 203-mm artillery. installations may be associated with the need to destroy fortifications on the way of the offensive of the Azerbaijani military, moreover, such a large caliber is used for the first time.

"Unlike rocket artillery, air defense means are completely useless against large-caliber artillery, besides, one massive strike with the same" Peonies "can inflict very serious losses on the enemy", - the expert marks.

Over the past XNUMX hours, the Azerbaijani military managed to capture several strategically important areas, but the attempt to conduct a large-scale offensive operation ended in vain, due to the rather serious defense in this direction.

Where did they get such powerful 203 mm guns with a range of 55 km? Did you leave the Union or sold it?