White phosphorus


Azerbaijan bombed Karabakh all night with prohibited phosphorus munitions. Video

Azerbaijan launched a powerful offensive against Karabakh, starting to strike with phosphorus ammunition.

The sudden slowdown of the offensive of the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh forced Baku to take an extreme step, starting to use prohibited weapons, in particular, we are talking about the use of phosphorus ammunition. The attacks on a number of regions of Nagorno-Karabakh continued throughout the night, which indicates the preparation of a powerful offensive.

“Azerbaijan uses phosphorus munitions, that is, elements of chemical weapons. This is done in the forests adjacent to the peaceful settlements of Karabakh. The Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan reports this on his Facebook page. As a result of the urgent investigation carried out by the Karabakh Ombudsman and collecting facts, not only the very fact of the use of such ammunition was confirmed, but also it turned out that civilians are hiding in these forests day and night, thereby fleeing armed attacks. "That is, these weapons of mass destruction are now being used by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces against civilians and the environment," the Armenian human rights defender said. According to international law, its use in such conditions is prohibited ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency "Sputnik"

According to preliminary data, the positions of the Artsakh army, which the Azerbaijani military unsuccessfully tried to take by storm the day before, were struck with phosphorus ammunition, however, by the current hour, there are no official comments on this matter yet.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, in turn, denies the use of phosphorus ammunition, stating that this is an illuminating type of ammunition, however, experts express doubts about this.

These civilians hiding in the forests, AKM and MANPADS, apparently for protection from dogs and crows.

I spent all summer bombing the garden with phosphorus and nitrogen munitions. The OPCW has no claim.

Ahaha. This is the warehouse that was blown up in Khankendi, it was full of ammunition, so he salutes like this. Armenians don't know how else to lie.