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Azerbaijan surrounded the city of Shushi from three directions overnight - the assault has already begun

The city of Shushi is surrounded from three directions - a powerful assault is being prepared.

Contrary to the claims of the Artsakh army that the Azerbaijani forces were thrown several kilometers from the city of Shushi during one of the unsuccessful assault attempts, it turned out that, in fact, the Azerbaijani army was able to encircle this city overnight from three directions - from the south, west and east. , and now his powerful assault is being prepared.

On the presented map of the disposition of forces on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, one can see that the situation for Shushi is very unfavorable, since after a series of powerful artillery strikes, Azerbaijani forces may go on the attack and in this case they will be able to enter the city, which is, in fact, a road to Stepanakert - the capital of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Despite the fact that over the past week the active offensive of the Azerbaijani army was stopped, over the past 24 hours the Azerbaijani forces managed to take control of at least five different regions of Karabakh, including the region bordering with Armenia.

Today, battles are fought on about 40% of the region's territory, and about 20% of the territory of the self-proclaimed republic is already under the control of Baku.

Shusha was taken by the valiant Azerbaijani special forces, and in close combat, the buildings were not damaged, more than 800 Armenians were killed .. You, zombie Armenian mothers, are already late - your sons will remain on the land of Azerbaijan that does not belong to you, the Armenians, forever, because even the corpses of your soldiers you you don’t take it .. for 27 years we have been patiently waiting for you to get out of our lands in a good way, now run as if undermined .. Unlike you, all the people of Azerbaijan are watching this war on-line, because we have such equipment 21 century, which you never dreamed of, we see all the attacks on your tanks and hailstones ... You can't even fight - in 30 years one tree has not been planted in the occupied lands, only dug trenches, dug ??? All your rat holes are bombed ...

Mikhail, if you are an Armenian, went out with your "" ancient Armenian history! But if you are Russian but sympathize with the Armenians, I will try to explain! Armenians have recently celebrated their 150th anniversary of appearance in the Caucasus! I REPEAT THEY CELEBRATED THE 150th ANNIVERSARY OF MOVEMENT TO THE CAUCASUS RECENTLY! In 1823, after the war with Iran, Tsarist Russia resettled a couple of thousand Armenian families to the Iravan Khanate from Iran to the Caucasus. The second year in 1828 after the Russian-Turkish war, 40000 families were also resettled to the Iravan Khanate. If you look at krat, you will see that the Armenian state was driven like a wedge between Turkey and Azerbaijan. They lived only in Iravan Hansvtv! Please read the history of the USSR. Armenians are Gypsies!

That's right, there is another world ahead in Shusha, but only without the Armenians.

The author, what nonsense you are, the Armenians appeared there 200 years ago, when they forced the Muslim population to leave for Northern Iran, which is even evidenced by the old Muslim cemeteries.

Author, do you even know what word Shusha comes from?

Here the words are somehow not very suitable. Peace-loving and hospitable people who have lived there for thousands of years live in Artsakh (Karabakh). And the Azerbaijanis appeared 200 years ago and tried to seize the Armenian principality, which they still failed and will not succeed. Something like this!

What about the Armenian massacre in Shusha in 1920? Armenians constituted the majority of the population of Shushi throughout almost the entire history of this city.

Karabakh is the land of our Azeri brothers. The Armenians must return it to Azerbaijan, especially when Aliyev offers them cultural autonomy.

How about the residents of Baku who now live in the houses of the Armenians. Can they be bombed?

Not Shushi, but Shusha will be liberated from the Armenian occupiers

Why should they go to Russia? Let them go to Armenia. There, the Soros Foundation will help them. And Russia has enough of its own problems.

Shushi will not be taken. Actually, the satisfaction from the lies of the false witnesses themselves closes the circle. There is nothing to say. They will bite their elbows, but it will not be interesting either. And there is another world ahead, get ready.

They shouldn't be allowed

They will fight until victory and the last drop of Azerbaijani and Armenian blood until they are satisfied and understand that the dead are not needed by both sides, and even more so to their mothers, and the only thing that can reconcile is negotiations and concessions, they will fight to the last drop of blood and victory

Not Shushi, but SHUSHA!

Azerbaijanis lived in Lachin and Shusha before their capture by Armenia. So that people living in these cities live in other people's houses they have seized. That is, they are all invaders, and cannot be qualified as civilians, since civilians live in their own houses, do not seize other people's living quarters. Therefore, the Azerbaijani army has every right to destroy the invaders. Something like this!

It is time for the Armenian troops to realize that they have lost and leave Karabakh. Why increase the number of corpses?

The killing of people by Armenians in Volgograd is only the beginning, soon the Armenians, especially those who come from Karabakh to Russia, will take revenge on the Russians for their loss.

Sorry, but I'm tired of the topic of Karabakh. Let the Armenians fight, not kill people in Volgograd!