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Azerbaijan seizes highways in Armenia and pulls armored vehicles

The Azerbaijani army began to occupy the territory of Armenia.

About a day ago, a group of Azerbaijani soldiers seized a relatively small section of the highway in the Syunik region of Armenia. Nevertheless, in just 24 hours, the Azerbaijani army has already taken control of several tens of kilometers of highways and several tens of square kilometers of the territory of Armenia, starting to pull armored vehicles here.

It is known that the Russian forces tried three times to negotiate with the Azerbaijani side, but they failed to reach any consensus. The Azerbaijani army ignores any calls from the Russian military to leave the territory of Armenia, and the armored vehicles being transferred to the territory of Armenia (at the moment only the dispatch of wheeled armored vehicles is reported - ed.) Indicates the fact that Baku is preparing for possible clashes, and not only with the military from Armenia, but also with the Russian peacekeeping forces.

According to experts, there is a rather serious risk that during the day the Azerbaijani military may make attempts to move deep into the territory of the Syunik region of Armenia. The key goal of this is an attempt to seize the territory of a neighboring state by force in order to create a corridor that can connect Nakhichevan and the territory of Azerbaijan.

At the moment, the CSTO does not interfere in the current situation, which has become a reason for criticism from Armenia.

ANYWHERE ...... This road passes through Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces covered the dorga at home.

Firstly, this is not the territory of Armenia. Second, what are the Russian peacekeepers doing there? This is not the territory of the former NKR? Pashinyan himself admitted that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces covered the dorga from the territory of Azerbaijan (the village of Chaysemi and Eyvazli) Kafan - the Goris megastral goes through the territory of Azerbaijan. It is necessary to provide accurate information ...

Nagorno-Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan, whether the Armenians want it or not. Those Armenians who do not want to live in Azerbaijan will have to leave the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

AZERBAIJAN for all actions received GOOD FROM RUSSIA AND ACTIONS EVEN ON HIS ORDER ..... Armenia, Russia JUST PUNISHES with the hands of Azerbaijanis for her desire to leave the West ... so no one needs it, just the Russian Federation will not allow new bases near its borders.

Personally, I feel sorry for both the Armenians and the Azerbaijanis, the problem of Nagorno-Karabakh goes back to the history of the creation of the USSR. It was then that the short-sighted leaders laid a mine under the relations of these peoples. It is necessary to gain reason for the Azerbaijanis and release the inhabitants of Karabakh. Well, an Armenian will not become an Azerbaijani.

Magomeds need to understand that no matter how you quarrel with your neighbor, in the end, living in peace is better than fighting. You have squeezed your territories back, Karabakh is a purulent bleeding wound on the body of both states. Well brace yourself and heal this wound. Are we going to fight until the fifth generation?

in my opinion, the president of Azerbaijan is digging his own grave, with all Erdogan's love for him, Turkey is unlikely to get involved in a provocation on the side of Azerbaijan, it is simply not profitable for Erdogan to lose relations with Russia.

Rauf, what about his native Turkey? Al, Azerbaijan is already a Turkish province? The army is already commanded by Turkish generals, the president, as he goes to work on Turk TV, the business has already been cleaned up by the Turkish brothers, there is still the name of the country, but this is being quickly resolved.

Rauf, someone's march will soon be forced together to peace. To begin with, they will block the flow of babosik from the Russian Federation, with a friendly trip to the south and the closure of visiting markets in the north, for 10+ years. But it will not be clear, the pipes will be cleaned there, if they do not go to communicate with the peacekeepers. And if you try to arrange it again on 08.08.08, eating a tie will seem like happiness for some, you will have to chew "boxers" with "pencils".

It looks like Azerbaijan's operation will soon begin to force Armenia to sign a peace treaty and demarcate and delimit the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. If Armenia is not yet RF. Otherwise, nothing.

The Armenians give up their words, the way to Nakhichevan must be provided, otherwise the Azerbaijanis will do it

Sergei, we haven’t entered anywhere. They simply blocked the road that Armenia built through the territory of Azerbaijan.

So the dream of Azerbaijan is coming true. As a result of de-occupation, we reached our internationally recognized state border with Armenia.

For your information: officially, the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan have not yet been determined (due to the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia after the collapse of the USSR, there was no demarcation and delimitation of borders between states). Therefore, it is now a shock for Armenia that Azerbaijan has reached its internationally recognized borders. The Armenians then thought that the occupied territories of Azerbaijan would remain with them forever, like the western Zangezur (in Armenian - Syunik) transferred to them by the government of the USSR. Therefore, they built their villages and roads in the occupied territories. Not a single state in the world, including the Russian Federation, will allow turning its state border into a "courtyard". Why should Azerbaijan allow it? Azerbaijan did not occupy its territories, but liberated it from occupation.

it looks like it's time for Azerbaijan to ask to join the CSTO

So Osman's dream is coming true: to put the Russian Federation on three points - the Caucasus, Afghanistan and Banderostan, etc. ....

The war is ahead.

So did they enter Armenia or Karabakh?

It looks like Russia’s operation to enforce peace against Azerbaijan will begin soon. Otherwise, nothing.



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