Azerbaijanis in the form of Russian military staged a provocation in Karabakh

The Azerbaijani military, dressed in the uniform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, staged a provocation in Karabakh.

Several hours ago, a small group of Azerbaijani servicemen, dressed in the uniform of the Russian military, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage, entered the territory of one of the settlements, where they tried to stage a provocation against the Russian armed forces, intending to attack civilians.

According to the media resources of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, one of the Azerbaijani servicemen was successfully caught by local residents, as evidenced by the published video footage.

In the video presented, you can see the uniform of Russian servicemen with a corresponding patch on the sleeve, which confirms the arguments about the arranged provocation. It is obvious that the captured Azerbaijani soldier is now giving testimony, which will make it possible to find out the motives of the committed provocation.

According to experts, the provocation could have been committed with the aim of discrediting the Russian armed forces, in order to break the agreements on finding peacekeepers in this region.

“Baku and Ankara got everything they wanted, except full control over Karabakh. It is possible that in this way they tried to frame the Russian military and if the provocation succeeded, then Moscow would be required to immediately leave Karabakh. ", - the expert marks.

Stupidity all this did not occur to me to put on an exact copy of the military uniform of Russia ?! Any movement is tracked from the satellite, so leave these tales ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tremendous patience, but it can burst. Doesn't Ilham Aliyev understand that abuse of trust is fraught with consequences ??.

Why stoop to such a shame?
The entire video consists of a jacket on a windowsill.

First of all, there is no military man on the screen, but what about the fact that this Azerbaijani soldier can be held captive? and changed your clothes specifically for this purpose?

And where is the disguised Azerbaijani? This video can be regarded as a provocation by the Armenians.