Night shelling


Azerbaijani military attacked the location of Russian peacekeepers

Azerbaijan attacked Tagawart, where Russian peacekeepers are stationed.

Several hours ago, Armenian sources reported that intensive fire from various types of small arms and, probably, also from a mortar was opened from the territory of Azerbaijan on the Tagavart settlement. The attack by Azerbaijan is said to have been very prolonged, although there was no reason for this. Moreover, it is reported that Azerbaijani troops actually attacked the area where the Russian peacekeepers are located, since an observation post of the Russian military is located in Tagavart.

“The Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened fire in the direction of Tagavart: there is a very intensive shooting, explosions were heard (perhaps a mortar is being used). Also, according to our information, a Russian post was established in Tagavart, but despite this, the enemy forces still violate the ceasefire. ", - reports the information and news line of the Republic of Artsakh "Re: public of Artsakh".

At the moment, the Russian side has not confirmed the fact of shelling from Azerbaijan, although attacks from the Azerbaijani military are becoming almost regular, even despite the statements of official Baku that the situation in the region is normalized.

Russia is simply obliged to help .. Armenia with Armenians, Azerbaijan with Azerbaijanis ..

Armenians did not have and do not have a homeland.

Paid - any good word about an artificial Turkish formation in the Transcaucasus called the ancient Persian province of Azerbaijan. Caviar diplomacy - Wikipedia to help)

Nonsense and lies ... The stable situation in this region is simply unprofitable for the Armenians. The article is pro-Armenian, paid for.

Stop spreading fakes!

Commentator (Hasan), why are you nervous, you have an article in a state newspaper that Turkey has shown Russia who is in charge and in case of a conflict will destroy it. There will be time and Turkey will "show" (substitute) Russia, and Azerbaijan "show" (substitute) Armenia) the ranks of Turkish pilots will thin out, who will you reward?)

Nooo. Better to trade than to fight. Let others fight, and we will support you because of ... the fence. Cowardly people. Yes, and they have no homeland .. Their homeland is money

Armenians! Do you think the most cunning? Gather your fellow countrymen living all over the world and fight for your homeland.



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