Peacekeepers Karabakh


Azerbaijani military killed Russian peacekeeper, another wounded

Azerbaijani troops attacked Russian peacekeepers - one was killed, another was wounded.

As a result of an attack on a group of Russian peacekeepers by the Azerbaijani military, at least one Russian serviceman was killed, and another one received a head wound and was hospitalized. His condition is assessed as serious. This is the first attack on Russian peacekeepers by Azerbaijani troops on the territory of Karabakh. Moreover, as follows from the data of the Armenian media, the attack on the Russian military took place in the middle of last month, but this data has not yet received any official comments.

The incident took place in the area of ​​the Tagavard settlement, which is partially controlled by the Azerbaijani side. Despite the absence of official statements from the command of the Russian peacekeeping group on the territory of Karabakh, local residents say that the situation is critical.

A resident of the village of Tagavard in an interview with the Armenian TV channel "5th Channel" told how in mid-September the Azerbaijani military fired at the Russian peacekeepers. According to her, as a result, one peacekeeper (the driver of the vehicle) was killed, the second was wounded in the eye area and is now in a hospital in Yerevan. Other local residents also report the incident, but official sources do not comment on the death of the Russian serviceman.

And this must be checked = Azer is Azer and cannot be trusted

No one kills your soldiers, stop lying, stop making a victim out of yourself

what kind of people are these Armenians? Even gypsies lie less than Armenians

A resident of the village of Tagavard knows more than the commander of the Russian MC)))) Isn't it funny yourself?

There is no limit to your arrogance. You always try to confront someone with someone. And always shout without a twinge of conscience that you are offended. You don't even understand what it means to be a normal neighbor. Therefore, two thousand years ago, your neighbors drove you away and scattered you all over the world. And now everything goes to that. You are an incorrigible people, because you have an Armenian gut, different from all peoples. You do not hesitate and brazenly shout that Karabakh is yours. What normal people with their land can do this?

Tural, there your fellow countryman wrote a few posts below that the soldier who shot down a Russian helicopter over Armenia should be awarded a medal, so Aliyev's fans themselves give out their essence from under the mask of friendliness, I only cause Spanish shame in adequate people ...

And no one believed of course. But what is your purpose in writing such news?

This is not true, of course. There was nothing like that, there was no attack. But I think this news for a reason. The Russian public is being prepared in advance what, if the Russian authorities need to make a ruling by killing 1-2 of their soldiers and thereby justify an attack on Azerbaijan in the eyes of the public. This is very mean and dirty. Russian peacekeepers' words are completely alien to each other. Russian soldiers are forced on the grief of innocent people to achieve their ambitions. Everyone understands that Russia is not seeking peace, but simply bargaining on the mountain of people from both sides.

Why are they even there ???

Not all the same. But first Turkey .. The Turks wanted to tie us up in Azerbaijan .. We must not succumb to this provocation. Azeris later .. For this, including we have Oghuz in Syria

For them, the people are cattle and soldiers, if their children were there, the answer would be obvious, but they are abroad

Yes, no words! It turns out that Azeris can kill our soldiers with impunity, since there is no reaction from the Ministry of Defense and the President of the Russian Federation. We live merrily, comrades! So you look soon the Azeris in Russia will kill everyone on the streets, and the authorities will be fine.

They can shoot them all and no one will notice. The helicopter was swallowed, 2 planes were swallowed, and there is no need to remember the soldiers who are not needed.

Apparently, our authorities do not mind the soldiers if they are allowed to kill with impunity. And who cares ???

Those. back to the USSR? Everything under the bar !?

express our indignation and strong disagreement ... until we express ...



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