Azerbaijani military first clashed with the Russian army in Karabakh - so far without consequences

It became known about the first clashes between Russian and Azerbaijani troops in Karabakh.

Several hours ago, the Azerbaijani military took control of a number of settlements in the area of ​​the Armenian, Nagorno-Karabakh and Iranian borders, where the first clashes with the Russian military took place. According to sources, in the video footage presented, towards the end of the recording, one can see negotiations using special means of communication between Azerbaijani and Russian military personnel, whose positions were deployed under unknown circumstances just a few kilometers from the place of fierce hostilities.

According to the source, the matter did not come to any hostilities, since neither Moscow nor Baku is interested in this, however, given the fact that the Azerbaijani army is currently concentrated in this direction, it is logical to assume that there are very significant risks.

According to the official data of the Russian military, at the moment Russian troops are not involved in any special operations on the territory of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Armenia, however, the appearance of Russian forces in this area raises a number of questions regarding whether a decision was made to deploy the Russian army on the border. Armenia and NKR.

Experts fear that due to Russia's actions, Turkey may well get involved in the conflict, and in this case, not only the territory of the NKR, but also part of the territory of Armenia may pass under the control of Azerbaijan.

How tired of your misinformation. There is no Azerbaijani army near the borders of Armenia and cannot be

He speaks Azeri.

Probably I would have done it myself !!!

between the Aizers and the Russians, the Russian language is also quite possible

I wonder who is the director of this radio production. Complete trash. So for information, all negotiations are conducted in an international language i.e. English. Once again, cheap hack.

It is not entirely clear what you mean. I quote you, "Enough to indulge the bankers ...". What bankers do you mean, our Russian or foreign?

The Azerbaijani army, having liberated the occupied lands, reached the internationally recognized borders between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The borders of the Republic of Armenia are guarded by the Russian army. Maybe someone is not in the know. They were and are on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. From now on, it will be a joint wearing service.

The only thing I understood from the video is that some man is filming and babbling in a non-Russian way. What has Russia to do with it?

Following the logic, we will soon see Armenian soldiers hiding behind women and children ..

Certainly. And there is nothing to fantasize about possible collisions. Our border units have been in operation for 25 years. Under the Agreement with Armenia. Signed under the previous presidents and prime ministries of ALL parties. Turkey is also in the know. So nothing new. And the fact that the border groups can include all the necessary (and sufficient) forces up to the SAM is known to the whole world since the days of Damansky Island.
So, aFFtor, what to invent and pump? Nobody: neither Azerbaijani nor Turkish troops, and will never enter the zone of responsibility of the Russian Armed Forces.

"Experts fear that due to Russia's actions, Turkey may well get involved in the conflict, and in this case, the transfer of not only the territory of the NKR, but also a part of the territory of Armenia to Azerbaijan's control is possible." What kind of specialists are they afraid of? If Turkey connects all the khan? And if Russia connects? Where will Turkey experts know? And I was there several times already when the Cossacks were connected.

Such a wild accent .... not ours speak

Afftor explain to us how, after the entry of the Russian army into the war, part of Armenia will go to Azerbaijan? Do you believe that they and the Turks will defeat us?

It's a complete lie - the Armenians began to hang Russian flags in their positions. As provocateurs, they remained

In the south, along the Araks River, the Azerbaijanis reached the Armenian border. Armenia, fearing that the Azerbaijani army would cross the Armenian border, asked the Russian border guards to take this section of the border under its own protection. That's the truth.

So maybe it's high time to start defending our national interests, but they are the same in relation to Armenia and in relation to Azerbaijan. Look at the map Azerbaijan is on the Caspian Sea and borders with us in Dagestan. What do we need for NATO ships to sail the vastness of our internal seas, and the barmaley to settle in Dagestan? I am for any transit that will protect our interests and our peaceful life, without terrorists. Enough to indulge the bankers and the West.

No matter how it becomes a transit of Putin's power to the security forces

There are no Turkish Armed Forces on the territory of Azerbaijan, and accordingly there is no provocation. I bring to your attention if you do not know. That the borders of Armenia are guarded by Russian border guards under the treaty with Russia. It follows from this that the Army of Azerbaijan went to the state borders of the three states of Azerbaijan with Armenia and Azerbaijan with Iran. The border of Armenia with Iran is guarded by the Russian border troops.

The article is an obvious provocation; the participation of the Turkish Armed Forces in the war on the side of Azerbaijan is being prepared. Nobody has seen Russian troops on the territory of Karabakh and can not present anything, and references to "radio communications" with "Russian troops" in Karabakh are very similar to the jokes of Absolute and Lexus. In short, one chatter!