Azerbaijani troops


Azerbaijani troops entered the territory of Armenia and captured part of the Syunik region

Part of the Syunik region was captured by Azerbaijani troops.

Last night, the Azerbaijani army violated the Armenian border and seized part of the territory of the neighboring country. The information and news agency obtained information that a group of several dozen (according to other sources, up to 150 servicemen - ed.) Of the Azerbaijani military was deployed on the territory of the Syunik region of Armenia, as a result of which the route was controlled by Azerbaijani forces. Goris - David Beck.

It is known that Russian peacekeepers promptly arrived in the area occupied by Azerbaijani troops at night, demanding that the Azerbaijani military leave the territory of this country. The latter refused to obey any orders, but at the same time released the vehicles that were there from the blocked highway.

By the current hour, there are no official comments from Baku on this matter. At the same time, it was stated that an attempt to hold new negotiations between the Russian peacekeepers and the Azerbaijani military will be undertaken in the morning. Such an incident allows the CSTO to intervene in the situation, since we are talking about a direct attack on Armenia.

The borders of Armenia are still not delimited, so it is ridiculous to talk about borders.

Let's start with the fact that Azerbaijan is a territory invented by the Bolsheviks that became a country in 1991. The majority of this territory belonged to Armenia. The tales of Azerbaijani pseudo-scholars, storytellers, are ridiculed by the entire world scientific community.

Why are you lying, moreover, impudently! They closed the highway where 21 km
passes through the territory of Azerbaijan, your prime minister has already told about this. And the reason was the injury of the border guard by the Armenian servicemen

you never know how it is drawn on Google, if not demarcated and delimited, then we must proceed from the one who served this road in Soviet times, and this road was on the balance sheet of the Armenian SSR and it served, then you can tell tales as anyone can

And how many traders from the markets have come in large numbers here. Ai gentlemen, let's go together to the promised land, defend it if it was occupied by you, that you have spread the bazaar policy from under the counter. Or just scribble on smartphones and you can blame everyone except yourself?

Come on, we got a little puffed up and got lost. That's all there is to it.

Arthur, please don't lie. Although hypocrisy is written on your forehead. Part of this road passes through the territory of Azerbaijan. You have never respected the territorial integrity of other states. Once again, say hello to your boss Gabrelyanov;)

Prove that this is an Armenian land. When the demarcation and demilitation are carried out, then both the Russians and the CSTO can use their troops, but according to the blackmailer Pashinyan, you have no right to inject wax.

I opened the map, looked, there is not a single section between the indicated settlements where the road would cross the border, along the demarcation line, but only on the territory of Armenia. This road crosses the border much to the north of this segment. Do not be cunning (the correct form of what I wanted to say) are you an hour, Rufo?))))

First, don't lie! Nobody attacked, everyone was in their positions.
The CSTO cannot do anything, because part of this road passes through the territory of Azerbaijan. Before writing this article, you first need to open a google map and check. Oh, sorry, you are the tabloids. Also a big hello to your boss Gabrielianov)))))



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