Azerbaijani troops seized control of Mount Buzlug and surrounding areas

The Azerbaijani army occupied Mount Buzlug and hoisted the Azerbaijani flag on it.

This happened after two days of relative calm in the region. As it became known, the Azerbaijani troops managed to move freely in this direction and completely take control of Mount Buzlug, the heights surrounding it, as well as nearby areas. As a demonstrative gesture, Azerbaijan hoisted the state flag on Mount Buzlug. This information has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

“As a result of the activities carried out by our units, Mount Buzlug and the heights surrounding it came under the control of the Azerbaijani army”- reported in the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

On the published video footage, you can see how a group of Azerbaijani military hoists the state flag over the region taken under control. This indicates that the latter is currently really under the control of the Azerbaijani army.

It is known that earlier this area was supposed to be controlled by Russian peacekeeping forces, as well as units of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. However, at the moment there are no official data from the command of the Russian peacekeeping contingent.