Azerbaijani troops seize Russian gold mine

The Azerbaijani army has partially seized the gold mine of the Russian company.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has released video footage from a partially captured gold mine used by a Russian mining company. We are talking about the Sotk gold mine, located on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, while the Azerbaijani side prohibits gold mining on its territory.

“The mine is not fully operational. What is left on our side, there is little work done. Employees go to work, but I can't say exactly what they are doing, ”said Hakob Avetyan. When asked whether there was any equipment left in the area controlled by the enemy, the head of the administration replied: "There is equipment on the other side, but since this is Russian equipment, there will be no problems." Hakob Avetyan noted that now the situation is uncertain, and the leadership does not know what will happen next. He does not exclude that there may be some agreements, and the mine will start working in full "- сообщает network resource "Infoteka24".

At the moment, the situation has not been resolved, at the same time, experts note that Azerbaijan may well prohibit both Russia and Armenia from mining gold on its territory, which in turn can lead to serious consequences, since it will force Russia to abandon the use of the mine. , and this, in turn, will affect the financing of the Armenian budget.

The Russian side has not yet made official statements on this matter.

I do not understand where it is written without permission from the government of Azerbaijan, gold is mined, and now Azerbaijan has liberated the pile territory and my state should return the equipment to the company, Azerbaijan asked that the company brought equipment to Kelbajar, but there is one thing if Putin turns to the president of Azerbaijan, then the company will get its equipment. One question, yes, you say we won, and so on, so we also won, let the Armenians say thank you to Putin, I’m about your record (but in all fairness it is necessary to return all the company's equipment and send it home to Russia), And you returned the German equipment of 1941-45 gained by the Soviet army during the war, you tell me we won, so we also won.

Half? The population of Azerbaijan is 10 million. As your president said, there are 2 million Azerbaijanis in Russia. But many are Russian citizens. And we don't speak like that about the Russian citizens of Azerbaijan. So you are very tight about half of the population of Azerbaijan. But the population of Armenia is less than the Armenians in Russia. This should probably bother you more. Signs in Armenian have already begun to appear in Russia. Wait for the Krasnodar Armenian Republic.

Imagine an Azerbaijani company arrives in Norilsk ... begins to mine gold there and send it to its homeland, without asking the Russians ... I wonder what the Russians would do in that case? ... probably all their northern fleet would be driven to Norilsk ... or what?

What the hell is this? The title of the article itself is incorrect. A Russian company operated in the territories occupied by Armenians, now liberated, in particular, in Kelbajar. On what grounds is another question.

And what is half of Azerbaijan doing in Russia?

I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and only now I found out that there is a gold mine of a Russian company. I don’t know how it is technically arranged - but in all fairness it is necessary - to return all the company's equipment and send it home to Russia.

What's the problem? Private property is inviolable. Seizure only by court. Exit: due to the change in borders, the share of Armenia (state) is transferred to Azerbaijan. Mineral taxes in Azerbaijan And the enterprise continues to work. Dividends for Azerbaijan's share in its budget. And Russia, as before, has its own.

And what is the Russian company doing on the Azerbaijani territory?

The mine belonged to Azerbaijan since Soviet times. In 1992-93, Armenia occupied the Kelbajar region of Azerbaijan where the mine was located and, together with a Russian (Armenian company registered in Russia) company, began to extract gold illegally. Now justice was done, and the mine passed to the true owners. That's the whole TRUTH.