Bomb strike


An Azerbaijani drone struck with a 250 kg QFAB-250LG aerial bomb. Video

Azerbaijan began to use aviation to strike at Karabakh.

After the air defense systems of Armenia and NKR successfully demonstrated their readiness to shoot down enemy planes and helicopters, the Azerbaijani military used their heavy unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkish and Israeli production to strike, which began to bombard the positions of the Armenian forces with 250 kilogram high-explosive bombs.

In the video footage presented, you can see one of the moments of the attack of Azerbaijani drones using the QFAB-250LG aerial bomb, which, using laser target designation, destroyed the command post of the Armenian army with a direct hit (according to Azerbaijani media - ed.).

At the moment, it remains unknown why the air defense systems of Armenia and the Artsakh army did not react to the free flight of two unmanned aerial vehicles, but the attack drone carried out an attack from a height of 10-12 kilometers, and, in all likelihood, was at a distance of several kilometers from impact site.

The fact that Azerbaijan has returned to the use of aviation, albeit unmanned, indicates that the Azerbaijani army has problems with further advancement.

It was not a drone that was hitting - drones of AZ and Turkey cannot carry such heavy (250 kg) bombs.

According to min. the defense of Azerbaijan, the blow was delivered by the Su-25 attack aircraft.
And the drone here acted only as a scout and gunner - the video was filmed from its camera.