BMP-3 of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijani BMP-3 was torn to shreds as a result of hitting large-caliber ammunition

The BMP-3 of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces was torn to shreds as a result of the hit of a large-caliber ammunition.

The Armenian military, during a 44-day armed conflict, managed to destroy the Azerbaijani BMP-3. As a result of the hit of a large-caliber ammunition, the infantry fighting vehicle was torn to pieces, scattering the debris of what was previously the BMP-3 within a radius of several hundred meters.

In the photographs presented, you can see the wreckage of the former Azerbaijani BMP-3, scattered within a radius of 250 meters. As follows from the data provided by the sources, the Azerbaijani BMP-3 was destroyed, apparently, by a direct hit of 152 mm. ammunition. Judging by the fact that the infantry fighting vehicle was thrown out of the trench, the blow was extremely powerful and the crew members had practically no chance of salvation.

As a result of the armed conflict in Karabakh last year, Azerbaijan suffered quite serious losses, although some of them are officially hiding. This is confirmed by photographs showing what remains of Azerbaijani equipment, which is not officially destroyed.

Nevertheless, the Azerbaijani side was able to win the armed conflict, largely thanks to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.


Better watch the video of the Armenian military expert Van Hambardzumyan, where he explains in an accessible and impartial manner why Armenia did not have the slightest chance of winning the war.

Comrades, indicate the sources where the photos were taken from

What is the whole pursuit of your site is already visible Azerbaijan completely defeated the army of Armenia in almost a year some kind of BMP ha ha ha