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Azur Air delays flight from Yekaterinburg to Antalya for 10 hours

The charter flight from Koltsovo to Antalya is delayed by 10 hours.

According to news agency, for unknown reasons, at the moment, airliner company «Azur Air» could not fly out of the airport of Yekaterinburg on time (3 50 hours local time - approx. Ed.), And how Angry passengers informed of flight, airline representatives clarified that the scheduled departure will be moved to 14 30 hours minutes.

Employees of the airport Koltsovo also failed to clarify the situation around the long-delayed charter flight, referring to the problems that arose with the air carrier.

According to some reports, because of the many hours of flight delays, passengers almost staged a mass brawl between themselves, but officially this information has not been confirmed.


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