B-1B Lancer, United States Air Force


US Air Force B-1B Lancer will not be able to fly out of Norway due to incident

An incident occurred during the deployment of B-1B strategic bombers in Norway by the US Armed Forces. According to The Drive, one of the airlifted aircraft was found to have severe engine damage, which prevented him from leaving the country after the end of the mission.

The publication says that in February four B-1B Lancer bombers arrived at the Norwegian airbase in Erland, and after the final completion of the mission in March, only three aircraft were able to leave it. It turned out that one in four planes received "significant damage" to the engine and will return to Texas only after repairs in Norway.

Because of this "accident" with the bomber, as indicated in the report of the 7th Bomber Wing of the Dyes airbase in Texas, has already been removed from the duties of the commander of the airbase due to "loss of confidence." However, the military refused to disclose the cause of the engine malfunction.

According to unofficial sources at the Norwegian base, the cause of the breakdown lies in hitting one of the working engines of a tablet computer. This resulted in significant damage requiring replacement of both engines on one side.

This version was not confirmed, but also not refuted by the command of the Dyce airbase, which stated that the bomber would go to the base immediately after the repairs were carried out.

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