Baijiahao: Russian Tu-160s confused the United States with an unexpected maneuver

Russia showed the United States a unique trick with Tu-160 bombers.

Despite the deployment of a large number of air defense systems by the United States in Alaska and the transfer of a significant number of fighters to this region, Russia showed the Pentagon a unique trick that completely neutralizes the US defense. This information was provided by the analysts of the Baijiahao publication, noting that the Russian Tu-160 bombers showed a gap in the defense of the United States.

According to the information provided, during the recent training flights of the Russian Tu-160, strategic bombers flew over Yakutia and carried out refueling. In fact, this made it possible to demonstrate that in the skies over the Arctic, Tu-160s are invulnerable to US fighters and air defense systems. Given the range of cruise missiles that are capable of being equipped with nuclear warheads, it is quite possible to carry out an accurate strike on the territory of the United States from this region.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the capabilities of the Russian Tu-160 are indeed very broad, especially with the advent of the PAK DA strategic bomber in Russia's arsenal.


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