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Baranets told frightening details of the NATO military landing on a Russian ship in the Mediterranean

Viktor Baranets told the details of the NATO landing on a Russian ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

Viktor Baranets, a member of public councils at the Russian Ministry of Defense, told some of the details of the NATO landing on board a Russian cargo ship in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. According to Viktor Barantz, the most unusual thing about this incident is the fact that the Greek military boarded the Russian ship, although only the UN peacekeeping forces have the right to such actions, not to mention the fact that Russia did not join any EU resolutions allowing the European military to take any action against Russian ships, especially since this happened in international waters.

According to Viktor Barantz, such a situation not only creates tension, but in fact is a threat to Russia, since a Russian ship sailing under the flag of the Russian Federation is in fact, in a sense, the territory of Russia, and any illegal actions against the latter, especially with sides of a NATO member state can be equated with aggression.

According to Barantz, Greece would not have taken such a step on its own, and, apparently, the Greek military was advised by the United States, although there are no official comments on this matter.


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