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Baranets: Russia will deliver cruise "intelligent" missiles to Cuba

Russia will deploy cruise missiles with a range of up to 2,5 kilometers to Cuba.

Russia will not deploy its nuclear weapons on the territory of Cuba and Venezuela, as this is contrary to a number of treaties and will only lead to a significant increase in tension around the world. Nevertheless, according to Russian military expert Viktor Barants, even taking into account the fact that Cuba and Venezuela are not interested in building Russian military bases on their territory, Russia can easily deploy here its "intelligent" missiles with a range of up to 2,5 thousand kilometers, which is more than enough to hit targets in most of the United States.

According to Viktor Barants, Russia may well send its submarines to Cuba and Venezuela, including diesel-electric ones that carry Caliber cruise missiles. According to a Russian military expert, this is more than enough to strike at key US military installations.

"Russia has intelligent weapons without nuclear warheads. It would be possible to put a diesel submarine in Cuba. Its missiles have a firing range of 2,5 thousand kilometers. This will be enough for Kalibr missiles to fly to Florida. The sailors will rest on the beach of Cuba and will serve the boat, - quotes the opinion of Viktor Barants, the publication "InfoReactor".

Among other things, Russia can also deploy its tactical long-range aviation in Cuba or Venezuela, including Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, anti-submarine aircraft, Kinzhal complexes, etc. Given the need to protect this area, these Latin American countries may also receive Russian S-400 systems and over-the-horizon radars, which will increase the response time to strikes from the United States several times.

The author reads a lot of fiction at night

I also want to go to Cuba, if not to Varadero, then to the last resort in Santa Maria near Havana!

on Elbrus processors. they are highly praised by anti-war organizations

It is possible to conclude an agreement similar to the CSTO and provide military technical assistance free of charge, of course, not forgetting about your interests

From the realm of fantasy. We do not have such relations with Cuba and Venezuela, and Cuba is no longer the same.

Do the people of Cuba and Venezuela need them?

This is if Cuba allows ....

At the diesel submarine. I apologize T9 gave an error.

no one from the highest echelon will now say what and on what they will place (and whether they will place) in a cube! and therefore all this "newspaper" hype about Cuba Venezuela is nothing more than the version of journalists.

A Varshavyanka-type diesel submarine has only four caliber up to sonic missiles. I'm not sure that this is MORE THAN ENOUGH as Baranets claims. Before sonic missiles are knocked down with a bang, at least 200 missiles are needed to at least devastate the missile defense system.

The title of the article does not match the content of the article at all. It's just informational noise. Some expert suggested a possibility. And the headline screams "Russia will deliver ..." why do this, just for the sake of the reader being led and clicking on the headline of an absolutely stupid article that does not carry any facts?

What is their fear? Well, think about some kind of CD in Cuba.
And they will. After all, they drive along the coasts with hatchets.

For us to lose peace, one missile is enough aimed and close to our territory.

Who is Baranets??? Why did you elevate him to the rank of a great analyst and soothsayer. This is just a military pensioner, a radio host, and not the best ..

Calibers need a speed much higher than now, and I think that the developers are working on this

From Cuba to Florida 80 km in a straight line

Well, first of all, when we could do something easily, those days are gone. Now, even with the unfortunate Sudan, we still need to be able to agree on a base. Secondly, if these are not nuclear missiles, then there should be quite a lot of them in order to provide at least some density of fire. And thirdly, is it really necessary for Cuba and Venezuela?

This grandfather is completely out of his mind.



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