Bashar al-Assad rejects Russia's offer to meet with Turkish President

Bashar al-Assad refused to meet with Erdogan.

Despite the fact that a meeting between the presidents of Syria and Turkey could be a solution to the problem of the invasion of Turkish troops in Syria, it became known that the Syrian president refused the Russian proposal to meet with the Turkish president. The reason for this was that, according to the Syrian leader, any actions of Turkey on the territory of Syria are illegal, and therefore there is no need for a meeting and negotiations.

Given the refusal of the President of Syria to negotiate with the President of Turkey regarding de-escalation, Ankara’s military operation in northern Syria is likely to begin in the very near future, since its delay was associated precisely with the intention to achieve a settlement of the conflict through negotiations between the leaders of the two countries.

About two days ago, Turkey resumed strikes on Syrian territory using unmanned aerial vehicles and fighter jets. Aircraft do not enter Syrian airspace and the CAA cannot effectively counter the attacks of the Turkish Air Force.



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