Battalion PMC "Wagner" commanded by a retired general of the US Army

In PMC "Wagner" there is a general of the US Army.

In an interview with the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Wagner PMC founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said that one of the battalions of a private military company is commanded by a retired US Army general. According to Prigozhin, we are talking about a special unit where there are foreign military and mercenaries from other countries, including Finland, and Prigozhin has a rather high opinion of Finnish mercenaries.

Earlier it was already known that the PMC "Wagner", depending on the battalion and the region where the fighters of the private military company are involved, includes foreign citizens here. This greatly simplifies the process of conducting certain special missions, especially if some experience on the ground is required.

For obvious reasons, the identity of the retired American general Prigozhin did not disclose, however, in the United States they expressed clear distrust of Prigozhin's words, believing that such data was not true.


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