Joe Biden


Biden began to normalize relations with Iran, which infuriated Israel

The future US administration has already begun a dialogue with the Iranian authorities to normalize relations.

Despite the fact that the end of his term, Donald Trump has effectively buried relations between Washington and Tehran, future US President Joe Biden intends to at least bring that relationship back to neutrality, starting to negotiate with Iran on a nuclear deal and lifting sanctions, which sparked anger from Israel.

According to Channel 12, at the moment, representatives of Joe Biden are actively negotiating with Tehran, intending to completely lift sanctions from this country, provided that Iran returns to compliance with the nuclear deal. This position, quite satisfies Biden, however, obviously, does not satisfy Israel, whose provocative statements led to the fact that Iran withdrew from the nuclear agreement.

In general, Biden is in favor of normalizing relations with Iran, provided that the Islamic republic does not create problems for American policy in the Middle East. Moreover, experts believe that with the coming to power of Biden, one should expect a significant improvement in relations with Russia, in any case, this followed from several statements by Biden during the presidential race.


Nothing is known yet. When will be in the White House, then we'll see. Under the old deal, Iran fooled everyone. Let's see how he will agree to strict control by the IAEA.