Biden intends to transfer tactical missiles to Ukraine next week

The US President intends to resolve the issue of sending tactical missiles to Ukraine next week.

As part of the meeting of NATO member countries, held at the German military air base Ramstein at the beginning of this week, the issue of providing Ukraine with M-142 HIMARS and M270 multiple launch rocket systems was indeed discussed. Apparently, the NATO countries have achieved some result during the negotiations, as the United States intends to discuss the issue of providing Ukraine with these weapons as early as next week - at the moment, the issue is being decided by the US presidential administration.

As follows from the data presented, next week the White House intends to decide whether or not to provide Ukraine with the American M-142 HIMARS and M270 systems. The latter are supposed to be delivered to Ukraine both in the MLRS version and in the version equipped with tactical missiles with a maximum range of up to 300-500 kilometers, which depends on the type of missiles used. Apparently, if the decision on the supply of these weapons to Ukraine is made, then one of the European countries will be responsible for sending them, since Washington does not want to go into direct confrontation with Russia.

According to analysts, the United States can indeed transfer one M-142 HIMARS and / or M270 battery to Ukraine, however, such a small batch is unlikely to affect the strengthening of the Ukrainian army and rather creates the appearance of support.