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Biden intends to send troops to Donbass and help Kiev

The United States is ready to provide support to Ukraine to gain control over Donbass.

If the former US leader Donald Trump behaved relatively restrained in relation to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, advocating mainly for de-escalation of the situation in Donbass, then Joe Biden, who came to power, became his complete opposite. Today, Biden is ready to provide Ukraine with significant assistance in restoring Kiev's control over Donetsk and Lugansk.

As part of the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States, it became known about very serious disagreements between Putin and Biden over the situation in Donbass. There are no details on this score, however, experts believe that the new American leader will act together with Kiev, using even very radical methods for this, including a more open invasion of the territory of the DPR and LPR.

Quite remarkable is the fact that earlier Biden himself was accused of the fact that it was because of his policy in Ukraine that a very serious political crisis began, resulting in the loss of Crimea and the eastern part of the country.

According to analysts, if Biden supports the military operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, then the self-proclaimed people's republics are unlikely to be able to hold out for more than a month.

This loop: DPRK, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan?

They sold the "Pantsir" along with the documentation, as in the joke: if they sell drawings, then this is "Treason to the Motherland", and if they take out the whole product, then "Theft".

Uvzhay VVV, and you remembered Kvrabakh in order to remind us that Russia lobbies what it needs? Information is open - 1) Actions have been discontinued 2) All parties signed and themselves 3) Instead of 100% loss of territory, Artsakh (NGR) retained 55% of the territory 4) Troops, the Russian Federation concentrated a grouping that the Prime Minister of Armenia did not allow to create ... so ...))) It's easier with Donbass - IT'S NEARBY!

Who told you that Russia is weaker than NATO? !!! ))) The question is different - the legitimacy of the military use of force. Until the LDNR is recognized, it’s impossible! And to admit this is not drinking soda - a complex unreasonable legal maneuver, so that it is recognized in the UN or at least UNDERSTOOD by them that this is not aggression and will not harm anyone else, but the fulfillment of the promise of protection!

This is not impossible. Russia with NATO will not be able to fight, most likely, as Karabakh will give up Libya and Syria, even the laurels made it clear that they are not going to fight with the USA in Syria and they cannot and are not going to drive them out)


Sergei, Russia will be forced to accept them, and not just as refugees, but as citizens of Russia. But the damage to property, the threat to life and health, expressed in specific statistics (that is, with real victims) will certainly force the Russian government, according to the status of the state, to ensure the safety of its citizens. This is not the same thing that "fit" .... according to the "first stomp of boots" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you remember that Donbass is legally the territory of Ukraine. It is necessary to attract citizens from Donbass who are at work in Russia to the situation, to include Donbass enterprises in the economic model, so that the money is for social packages for the population of Donbass. It seems that the factories of Donbass are already selling something ... It is necessary to help the LPNR enterprises to produce equipment. The second "royal argument" will be the recognition of the rebellious republics as sovereign powers. But direct military assistance should not be carried out by the forces of the Russian Armed Forces alone, if only to remotely strike artillery.

There are already more than 250 citizens with Russian citizenship in the LDNR, so in any case, Russia will be forced to fit in in the event of an attack.

What a strange interest the Biden have in Ukraine. ))
The historical misunderstanding of Russia by Western Europe, the search for this understanding in the samples of our classical literature and so on, is expressed in stereotypes invented on the basis of their worldview. Believe me, Ukraine itself can present a good surprise to the United States and "well-wishers".

Well, the war between the United States and Russia is still inevitable, and this is clearly indicated by the "Anaconda loop" around Russia, so now it's up to the little ones - whoever starts first will win, but not for long, everything will be all the same "to dust".

The triumphant return of the Biden clan to Ukraine ...
Will attach to the son