Biden announced the beginning of the deployment of the American army in Eastern Europe

The President of the United States announced the transfer of the American army to Eastern Europe.

American leader Joe Biden issued a statement in which he announced that the United States of America was beginning to transfer military equipment and military personnel to the countries of Eastern Europe. We are talking about building up the American military presence in the region. At the same time, we are talking about the deployment of units in several countries at once, which, among other things, border on Russia. According to the American president, we are talking about "a small number of troops."

“In the near future I will send troops to Eastern Europe, to NATO countries. Not too much", Biden told reporters at Joint Base Andrews upon his return from a trip to Pittsburgh.

According to Biden, the dispatch of American troops to Eastern Europe is due to the fact that at the moment there is a mistrust of Russia regarding a possible escalation of the situation with Ukraine. However, experts note that in reality, this is only a pretext for strengthening the American military presence near the Russian borders, which will definitely have a response from Russia.

What kind of troops will be sent to Eastern Europe is not specified, however, a little earlier it became known that the United States was preparing for the transfer of special units, namely:

  • 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg
  • 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg and Fort Campbell
  • 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell
  • 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson

Ponty, this is exactly what we do, these are words without deeds. And the US is taking action. And these actions really choke us, slowly and surely. Who cares what they think.

He thinks that the more troops he sends to Europe, the less likely he is to strike at the United States - very in vain.

Not a "response", but Biden's show-off to strengthen power over vassals in the European Union in the interests of the United States. Eliminate an unnecessary competitor in the face of the EU, in order to then deal with China. The Anglo-Saxons will not fight with Russia, but they will continue to crap.

Let them now express concern, otherwise we all, yes we ...

Here is the answer, with the top. Here is the man. You have set an ultimatum..

Has the right to.