Biden gave the order to strike at Afghanistan

The US President gave the order to strike at Afghanistan.

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden gave the order to inflict multiple strikes on the territory of Afghanistan. The key targets will be terrorists "ISIL" ("Islamic State", a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note) and their targets. Apparently, the US actions will not be limited to strikes on Afghanistan alone, and attacks on terrorists will probably be carried out in Iraq and Syria.

Judging by Biden's statement, the already known areas of presence of Islamic State terrorists will initially be attacked. After that, the "hunt" will begin for the key persons of this terrorist group. It is noteworthy that shortly before the official statement of the American president, four tanker aircraft were spotted in the sky over the Persian Gulf at once. This indicates the fact that strikes on Afghanistan could be delivered within the next few hours.

The decision to strike at ISIS terrorists was made after it became known that, with a high degree of probability, it was the Islamic State that was behind the six explosions in Kabul. At the same time, experts do not exclude that ISIS members could have entered Kabul after the Taliban released a large number of militants from prisons. In addition, the version is likely that ISIS members who had previously joined the Taliban are behind the attacks.


At least two B-52 strategic bombers and one B-2 Spirit are seen flying towards Afghanistan.

You might think that the United States only today became aware of the areas of concentration of IS militants. Why didn't they destroy them before ??? It can be seen that "a crow will not peck out a crow's eyes."

This explosion near the Kabul airport is another game of the CIA as Iraq with chemical weapons.



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