Military convoy


Biden ordered to send 500 more American troops to Syria

The United States is strengthening its presence in Syria.

The new US administration decided to additionally strengthen its military presence in Syria, despite earlier statements about its readiness to leave the territory of this Middle Eastern state. According to reports, the day before from neighboring Iraq to Syria. About 500 American servicemen were deployed, and, according to a number of sources, this is far from the final figure - in the near future, up to 2 thousand US military forces can be sent to Syria.

The reasons for the transfer of the American military to Syria remain unknown, however, experts say that the reason lies in Washington's intentions to return to northern Syria after several unsuccessful attempts by Washington last year.

It is known that at the moment several American military bases and observation posts are being created on the territory of northeastern Syria in order to prevent the Russian and Syrian military from entering this part of the Arab republic, which can simply close the border with Iraq, thereby leaving the American military objects and facilities for oil production, without supply.

Given the current situation, the escalation in Syria could intensify significantly, especially after the first statement by the new US Department of Defense about its intentions to oust the "Russians" from the Middle East.