Biden announced the transfer of offensive weapons to Ukraine for the first time

The President of the United States announced the transfer of offensive weapons to Ukraine.

United States President Joe Biden announced that in the near future Ukraine will receive offensive weapons from Washington to conduct military operations on Russian territory. This is of particular concern given that the American leader may still approve the transfer of ATACMS tactical missiles to Ukraine, which, even with their minimum range of 165 kilometers, will pose a colossal threat.

“The United States will give Ukraine weapons so that it will return all its territories”- said the American leader Joe Biden.

For unknown reasons, Biden did not mention what kind of weapons would be transferred to Ukraine, however, given that the American president is pushing Kyiv to conduct hostilities directly against Russia, it is quite obvious that we are talking about the supply of offensive weapons.

There is a certain risk that Biden has reconsidered the issue of not providing Ukraine with ATACMS missiles and such missiles may well be transferred to the Ukrainian side.

Given that on Thursday the United States has already announced the provision of new batches of weapons to Ukraine, it is obvious that the arms deliveries announced by Biden will be of an additional nature.


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