NATO in Donbass


Biden announced NATO's readiness to intervene in the conflict in Donbass

NATO can intervene in the armed conflict in Donbass.

US President Joseph Biden, within the framework of a press conference following the NATO summit, said that due to the current tension in Donbass, NATO may intervene in the situation. Biden's statement coincided with the emergence of information that military instructors and, according to some sources, NATO mercenaries were in the Donbass, as previously reported by the news agency

As follows from the statement of Joseph Biden, the current tension in the Donbass may lead not only to the fact that Ukraine will become a NATO member, but also to the fact that the Alliance can intervene in the situation in the region.

"The situation in Donbass does not exclude the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO"- said Biden during a press conference.

Obviously, by accepting Ukraine into NATO, the North Atlantic Alliance can legally, subject to Kiev's request, intervene in the armed conflict in Donbass, and this will become a rather big problem for the DPR and LPR forces, since NATO can use modern weapons to deliver strikes on the positions of the militias.

NATO will not dare to intervene but will send equipment, weapons and instructors to Donbass

It is more important for us what OUR President will do in such a situation.

You don't have to cook the coffins - there will be only ashes !!!

Well, yes, then Belgrade did not get support from anyone.

when they need to, they forget about it. example Estonia considers Ivangorod and Pechery as its own, Latvia -Pitalovsky district-joined NATO

NATO did not dare to get in the way in Syria, where the Americans and Turks wiped their nose, NATO did not dare to get in the way in Georgia, where the RF Armed Forces were not in the best condition yet. Now NATO and even more so will not dare to interfere, and even on the border with the Russian Federation. Such throws, just for the sake of a meeting like to strengthen Biden's position for bargaining. Everyone understands perfectly well that if NATO interferes on the side of Ukraine, then the Russian Federation interferes on the side of the DPR, with a high degree of probability such a conflict can develop into a big war with the use of nuclear weapons, you have to be sick on your head to do this .. will help with weapons, etc., but everyone understands that this will not help the Russian Federation will not allow the DPR to lose

Ukraine will not be allowed into NATO because there are problems at the border. In my opinion, they have written in their charter.

If THIS happens, then the whole world will not seem a little. In Russia, they probably know where the ears of this donkey grow from, and Putin absolutely unequivocally warned the United States not to cross this red line, otherwise ... Otherwise, according to the previously announced defense strategy, Russia will be forced to retaliate. And this blow will be inflicted not only on the attacking subunits of the enemy, but also on his CONTROL CENTERS. And this will be not only KIEV, but also PENTAGON, so there is something to think about.

And then they probably plan to take Crimea.

Does anyone seriously think that our rulers will "butt" with NATO and the United States? You will remember where the children of our rulers live and everything will immediately become clear.

If someone dares to attack the DPR and LPR, they will receive such a blow from RUSSIA that those who will remain alive will remember !!!

Then it will be a lesson to NATO, what will be left of ukroiny

At first I thought, "bright", "clean in impulses" Europe would not be able to bomb civilians in the DPR and LPR. Then I remembered what they had done to Belgrade. But if they start bombing all NATO, then it is fraught with a conflict with the Russian Federation. Since there are already many citizens of the Russian Federation, and according to the constitution, the Russian Federation will protect its citizens. NATO understands this, but someone intends to lead to this.

then from Ukraine there will be 3 regions of galicia