U.S. President


Biden is preparing to declare impeachment for the failure of the United States in Afghanistan

Congressmen threaten to impeach Biden.

US President Joe Biden can be removed from office by impeachment of the latter. Against the background of the extremely low rating of the American leader, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the loss of influence in the Middle East, the congressmen intend to impeach the American president in the near future.

As follows from the published text, American leader Joe Biden not only fails to cope with his tasks, but, in fact, undermines the authority of the United States of America. A vote to impeach the American leader may well take place already this year, and, apparently, even Biden's supporters do not want to see him in power after his completely unjustified decisions. The likelihood that the American president will be impeached is very high.

In less than a year, US President Joe Biden has almost completely lost his credibility, despite a rather promising election program. In addition to the numerous failures of American diplomacy and politics in various regions of the planet, the situation is very tense in the United States itself. At the same time, Biden's supporters argue that the president completely ignores any advice, in fact, conducting his own presidential campaign.

It should be noted that the key moment in the loss of confidence in the American leader is the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, as a result of which the country was completely captured by terrorists, and American troops suffered the largest one-time losses in this country in all 10 years of the US presence.



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