"Baza": In the Bryansk region, a member of the Northern Military District was detained, who admitted to sabotage on the railway

In the Bryansk region, law enforcement officers detained 21-year-old Nikolai from the village of Klimovo, a participant in a special military operation who admitted to carrying out sabotage on the railway. The saboteur was identified thanks to unique evidence - a charred winter jacket with burnt sleeves, discovered by police during search operations. This data is provided by Baza journalists.

The incident occurred on February 25, when a relay cabinet and a transformer substation were set on fire on the stretch between Chernets and Polpinskaya stations. The next day, large-scale search operations were organized with the participation of 12 groups of police officers, during which evidence was found.

It is reported that the investigative team, after analyzing DNA from the jacket, quickly identified the owner. It turned out that Nikolai, who already had a criminal record, signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense in May 2023 and joined the Storm detachment, where he served until November of the same year, after which he was pardoned.

According to information received from Nikolai, for committing sabotage he was paid an amount of 40 thousand rubles from unknown persons. It also became known about plans for a new arson in the area of ​​the Krasny Profintern station, scheduled for March 3. As part of the investigation, a 16-year-old teenager, a student at the Bryansk Transport College, who accompanied Nikolai during the assignment, was also detained.


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