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Base: In the Kirov region, traffic police officers stopped a car with SVO members and the corpse of a deserter in the trunk

A shocking crime occurred in the Kirov region related to the desertion of a participant in a special military operation (SVO). Traffic police officers stopped a car, in the trunk of which they found the body of 44-year-old Roman Shishkin from the village of Rudnichny. It is reported that Roman, who served under a contract, recently left his duty station and went home. His commander allegedly instructed two other SVO members, Alexey S. and Igor G., to bring the fugitive back. This data is provided by Baza journalists.

According to journalists, an attempt at dialogue with Roman was unsuccessful, as a result of which he was beaten and thrown into a basement in Kirov, where he was left without clothes. The attackers visited him from time to time to beat him again. A few days later, Roman died of hypothermia. Igor and Alexey's attempt to take the body out of the city was interrupted by police officers who stopped their car.

It should be noted that despite these shocking details, no official statements have yet been made.


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