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BAZA: War correspondent Kots was detained in Moscow with marijuana

In Moscow, the famous war correspondent Andrei Kots, brother of RIA Novosti journalist Alexander Kots, was detained and charged with possession of narcotic substances. This data is provided by Baza journalists. It is reported that the event occurred on the night of February 10 on Dekabristov Street, when police noticed signs of nervousness in Kots’ behavior, which served as the reason for searching him. The journalist was found with a package containing an unknown substance, which, as subsequent examination showed, turned out to be marijuana with a total weight of 2 grams. Kots admitted to purchasing the drug, indicating that he did so shortly before his arrest.

It is reported that no criminal case will likely be brought against Kots himself due to the small amount of the substance found. However, law enforcement agencies intend to initiate criminal proceedings against the person who sold the drugs on charges of drug trafficking.

The situation causes a special resonance, given the professional status of Andrei Kots as a war correspondent, as well as his belonging to a family well-known in journalistic circles. Kots refrained from commenting on his arrest, expressing bewilderment about the sources of information and refusing to provide any explanations to the Base’s questions.


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